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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is managing editor for China Daily Europe. He is a veteran journalist who had served Reuters and Bloomberg News for the past four decades. He had extensive reporting experience in Vietnam, Singapore, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Xi just needs to turn up for a grand welcome

[2015-10-09 07:21]

For years, China maintained a steady presence at the United Nations.

British minister's 'China' remarks have Britons, Chinese puzzled

[2015-10-07 00:26]

Sometimes, politicians say things that aren't always taken the way that they are meant to be taken, and British Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt just scored what many here see as an own goal.

Brexit or not, China doesn't care either way

[2015-10-02 09:44]

Britain and China are now entering what is being hailed by both sides as a golden era in relations, culminating in October's state visit by President Xi Jinping.

Media rekindle keenness in UK's China business

[2015-09-26 09:44]

President Xi Jinping's visit to United Kingdom next month may be less problematic than his current trip to the United States, if media reports in both countries are anything to go by.

Xi will get a bigger welcome in UK

[2015-09-25 08:00]

President Xi Jinping's visit to the United Kingdom in October may be less problematic than his current trip to the United States, if media reports in both countries are anything to go by.

Solutions elusive in Syrian refugee crisis

[2015-09-18 07:41]

Syria and Iraq pose a different problem - Syria's towns and cities are devastated, the government controls less than 30 percent of the country, and ISIS and other rebel groups roam free. There is no one to negotiate with. There will be no going home for many years.

President Xi to meet David Cameron and 'Comrade' Jeremy Corbyn

[2015-09-16 19:19]

Behind the welcoming smiles of both politicians and royalty will be a genuine sense of bewilderment at the latest political shenanigans in the Labour Party.

Views on KMT like plucking straws

[2015-09-11 07:28]

Someone once said that analyzing international relations is a bit like plucking straws out of the wind to build the roof over one's head - slow, painstaking but ultimately satisfying. And that's the case with the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, a relic of the Chinese civil war that ended in victory for Mao Zedong's forces in 1949.

A for entertainment, F for accuracy

[2015-09-09 16:38]

The series, Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School, has been described by critics and viewers variously as car-crash television, reality TV gone mad, an insult to both Chinese and UK teachers, and a superficial attempt to tackle an interesting question.

All eyes on China's military power

[2015-09-09 16:24]

China's military parade on Sept 3 in Beijing gave military analysts and observers worldwide the chance to see the growth that has turned it into a strong country and an economic powerhouse.

Nation's military power grows but still trails behind

[2015-09-04 08:59]

As China's economic might has grown, so has its military capability, sending a message that the country is prepared to defend its interests.

Key role slowly emerges from fog of war

[2015-09-02 07:40]

Just as Russia's key role in the war against Nazi Germany has become accepted after years of Anglo-US bias over who did what, so China's role in defeating Japan is becoming clearer and more widely accepted as the facts become known.

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