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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is managing editor for China Daily Europe. He is a veteran journalist who had served Reuters and Bloomberg News for the past four decades. He had extensive reporting experience in Vietnam, Singapore, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Giant pandas hard at work for China

[2015-08-28 08:29]

It has to be the marketing man's dream. Think giant pandas, think China.

Political revolution creeps up quietly on British voters

[2015-08-22 09:06]

There's a political revolution going on in Britain that seems to have crept up on an unsuspecting British population. It has now become pretty certain that the comfortable days of this country's democracy are gone.

Changing face of illegal immigration

[2015-08-21 08:16]

For decades, illegal immigration has been testing the emotion of Britons, whether it was through the flood of Vietnamese boat people heading for the then UK-controlled territory of Hong Kong, or the thousands of people risking all in Calais to get to Britain.

Chinese city salutes a very British hero with a statue

[2015-08-19 16:44]

Scottish missionary and Olympic gold medallist Eric Liddell died in the Weihsien Japanese internment camp in Weifang in February 1945 and is revered by many local Chinese as a hero.

As landscape changes, caravan rolls on

[2015-08-14 08:55]

Turmoil in Britain's labor party leaves field clear for Cameron to strengthen China ties.

There are two sides to this story

[2015-08-14 08:54]

China, it seems, is rattling a few cages in the financial markets, first of all with its interventionist moves to shore up plunging domestic stock markets.

China rattles a few cages in the world's financial markets

[2015-08-13 20:23]

China, it seems, is rattling a few cages in the financial markets, first of all with its interventionist moves to shore up plunging domestic stock markets, which seem to have calmed nerves at home and abroad.

The changing face of UK illegal immigration

[2015-08-07 07:41]

Rules of asylum laid down by international treaties, to which both France and Britain are signatories, say asylum seekers should request shelter in the first country they land in after leaving their native land.

Greek turmoil may affect UK policy

[2015-08-02 14:30]

The recent wrestling match between Greece and the European Union over the Mediterranean country's massive debts was watched at first with a certain detachment by Britons, mostly reassured by official data showing British banks had very little exposure to the battered euro.

EU-Greek turmoil could influence UK foreign policy

[2015-07-31 08:15]

The EU reaction, or non-reaction, to both the AIIB and China's "Belt and Road Initiative" linking China with Europe are areas which Beijing believes London can help.

Financial Times sale - the deal few in London saw coming

[2015-07-25 09:19]

For years there have been sporadic rumours that the Financial Times, was on the auction block, but for 16 years, Marjorie Scardino saying the salmon-pink FT would be sold "over my dead body'.'

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