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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is managing editor for China Daily Europe. He is a veteran journalist who had served Reuters and Bloomberg News for the past four decades. He had extensive reporting experience in Vietnam, Singapore, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

A response of real substance

[2016-07-04 22:07]

Like many Britons, I was appalled by both the result of the EU referendum as well as the minor outbreaks of xenophobia and, sad to say, racism that have been reported in some areas.

Leave vote blows the whole EU plan wide open

[2016-06-25 09:51]

In the end, it was a close-run thing. British voters went to the polls on Thursday in a referendum on whether or not to stay in the 28-member European Union, and by saying "No" blew the whole question of the EU's future wide open.

Capturing the referendum debate on camera

[2016-06-17 08:31]

There are two sayings in English that are profoundly relevant to what I'm going to write about this week, with your indulgence.

Brunel would have approved of high-speed vision

[2016-06-10 08:32]

Isambard Kingdom Brunel; it's a name that rolls off the tongue. He also happens to be one of my personal heroes, along with Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.

A man's home is his castle, but try telling foxes

[2016-06-03 08:18]

I'm under siege. Not from the descendants of Vikings (my ancestors, but that's another story), or the Normans, or any other race that has over the centuries threatened this sceptred isle, as William Shakespeare once called it.

Things get messy at Manchester United

[2016-05-27 08:15]

I've been a Manchester United fan ever since I was a kid, enthralled by stars such as Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, George Best, and countless others.

Back in Britain, ready for another break

[2016-05-20 08:21]

Sometimes you need a reality check to bring you back down to Earth.

Reflections on the surreal, Asian style

[2016-05-13 08:28]

I think I must be cursed with the ability to experience the bizarre and weird things that life has to offer - let's face it, as a journalist you're always looking for something that lifts a story above the mundane.

The great fail: I didn't climb the Great Wall

[2016-05-06 06:56]

By the time you read this, the column will have packed its bags and taken up a week's residence in Ho Chi Minh City, the last stage on my eventual return to London, where authoritative sources tell me it has been snowing, for heaven's sake.

Navigating China's capital surprisingly easy

[2016-04-29 08:25]

Not quite sure what my preconceptions were, but one impression has been shattered - favorably, I might add.

People in Beijing, London share same concerns

[2016-04-22 07:10]

Housing, traffic, the weather, education, pollution - China's burgeoning middle class is as concerned by these topics as their counterparts in any capital city you care to name.

Beijing, so big it simply takes your breath away

[2016-04-15 08:53]

Well, here I am. You can read all the books, newspaper articles or travel advice in the world, but nothing really prepares you for the sheer size of Beijing.

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