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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is managing editor for China Daily Europe. He is a veteran journalist who had served Reuters and Bloomberg News for the past four decades. He had extensive reporting experience in Vietnam, Singapore, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Senegal, surprises and a feast for the senses

[2016-04-08 08:20]

I don't think I knew what to expect.

Terrorists cannot stop us traveling the world

[2016-03-25 08:26]

This column was intended to be a light-hearted look at the way international travel has evolved, and my experience of it over the years, but then the dark ugliness of the Brussels attacks erupted and I had to rethink my plans.

Death of a legend, and his part in my life

[2016-03-18 08:40]

His life was gentle, and the elements / So mixed in him, that nature might stand up / And say to all the world, this was a man.

Five-year plan brings China watchers out to play

[2016-03-11 08:09]

Enter "China Five-Year plan" into Google and you get 29.4 million results thrown up in 0.39 seconds.

After all these years, time to see Beijing for myself

[2016-03-04 07:59]

It's time to confess. In the 55 years since I first set foot on a plane (a propeller-driven Vickers Vanguard operated by British European Airways), I've traveled and worked all over the world. But I've never been to Beijing - until now.

Chasing China's richest man can be an adventure

[2016-02-26 08:57]

There were several surreal moments in my hunt for a handshake from Wang Jianlin, the multimillionaire behind Dalian Wanda.

What London mayor's Brexit stand means

[2016-02-26 08:43]

It seems Johnson has picked the wrong side. If the vote goes in favor of the UK remaining in the EU, the mayor of London, whose term ends in May, could well find himself back in the political wilderness.

London Mayor Boris Johnson backs Brexit – but what does it mean?

[2016-02-22 23:38]

So finally, after weeks of very public will he, won't he, London Mayor Boris Johnson, a former school friend and political ally of Prime Mini

EU's twin achievements look shaky

[2016-02-05 08:06]

For years, European Union mandarins in Brussels have touted two things as successful achievements for the body - the single currency, called, unsurprisingly, the euro, and the Schengen Agreement on free movement within certain member states.

End of an era, and this time it's personal

[2016-01-29 07:50]

The early model was a pig to drive, had suspension that would break every bone in your body if you weren't careful, eschewed such fancy gizmos as heaters and radios, but would go anywhere and take whatever punishment you could throw at it.

Losing the stars who rocked my world

[2016-01-22 08:38]

It's an adage in the United Kingdom that when policemen start looking younger than you, it's time to check your pension arrangements.

EU stuck in the middle as China chases MES

[2016-01-15 07:42]

As a global society, we're obsessed by initials, but MES, the latest set, hides a serious dispute between East and West that's threatening to turn the old order upside down.

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