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Nuke test 'fails to dent' trade ties      2013-02-19
Last week's nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has had little effect on its trade with China, but the two new DPRK economic zones may suffer, analysts warned on Monday.

Dandong strives to build a well-off society      2013-01-10
Dandong plans to build a well-off society in the next five years, Yalu River Evening News reported. The city will make efforts in the following aspects:

Fengcheng chestnuts gain national recognition      2013-01-06
The National Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office officially issued a trademark registration certificate to Fengcheng for its famous Fengcheng chestnut on Dec 28.

Dandong local taxes hit 13.5 billion yuan      2013-01-04
Dandong local taxes and dues reached a record high of 13.55 billion yuan ($2.1 billion) in 2012, 2.51 billion yuan more than that of 2011 and a year-on-year increase of 22.7 percent.

Foreign trade enterprises receive training in Dandong      2012-12-21
The Dandong Council for the Promotion of International Trade began a two-day international trade training session on Dec 20, Dandong Daily reported.

Fengcheng receives ecological leisure attraction award      2012-12-21
Fengcheng was named "2012 China's Best Ecological Leisure Attraction" at the 2012 China International Leisure Development Forum thanks to its profound historical and cultural accumulation as well as unique natural ecological landscapes.

China-DPRK trade expo wins excellent expo award      2012-12-21
The 2012 China-DPRK Economic, Trade, Culture and Tourism Expo held in Dandong was recognized in the "2012 China's 10 Excellent Characteristic Expo" list.

Donggang breaks ground on international logistics park      2012-12-20
The foundation stone laying ceremony for Liaoning Donggang Yicheng International Logistics Park was held on Dec 18 in Donggang of Dandong, Dandong Daily reported.

China's first corn spot transaction center opens      2012-12-20
The Dandong Corn Transaction Center in the Bohai Commodity Exchange, the first national corn spot transaction center in China, opened in Donggang of Dandong on Dec 18.

Dandong boasts eight provincial credible enterprises      2012-12-20
Eight Dandong enterprises were recently included on a list of 156 "Liaoning Demonstration Credible Enterprises," Dandong Daily reported.

First intl 'double-track' school settles in Dandong      2012-12-18
Dandong Lingang Industrial Park signed an agreement with Liaoning Jinhai Group and Taiwan Peien Group to build an international "double-track" school in Dandong New Area on Dec 13.

Growth in public revenue and expenditures      2012-12-13
Statistics provided by the Dandong Bureau of Finance show that, by the end of November, public finance budget revenue has reached 11.09 billion yuan ($1.77 billion), an increase of 20.3 percent year-on-year.

Strong services facilitate enterprise development      2012-12-12
The Dandong Border Economic Cooperation Zone has reviewed and approved 2,884 service items to date, maintaining a record of zero mistakes and zero service complaints.

Kuandian sees ginseng industry prosper      2012-12-12
The Kuandian Manchu autonomous county was approved as a ginseng industry demonstration county by Liaoning province, according to the Kuandian forestry bureau on Dec 10.

Dandong attracts abundant investment in Hong Kong      2012-12-06
A Dandong economic and trade delegation led by the city's mayor, Shi Guang, visited Hong Kong to carry out business activities from Nov 21 to 25, Dandong News reported online.

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