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Leading industries in Dandong      2011-05-31
The local government of Dandong has chosen “auto and auto parts industry, iron & steel and other materials industry, electronic information industry and farm product processing industry” as leading industries.

Dandong: five years of opening up      2011-05-31
During the 11th Five-year Plan period (2006-2010), Dandong, the only coastal border city of Liaoning province, tightly seized the opportunity to open coastal areas and border areas to the outside world and has listed opening up as its main strategy of development.

Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt development plan      2011-05-31
The economic belt region has a development foundation and many advantages.

Regional cooperation in Northeast China      2011-05-31
Northeast China’s eastern part has 12 cities. Each of them has its own industrial system but the systems complement each other. In 2010, the city of Dalian joined this 12-city urban cooperation effort as an observer, forming a (12+1) regional cooperation system.

Development zones: Dandong Lingang Industrial Park      2010-12-22
This is a province-level industrial park established in 2006 with a planned area of 97 square kilometers. It took on greater importance when the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt became part of a national strategy in July 2009.

Development zones: Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park      2010-11-28
The Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park was established in February 2009, and, in May 2010, became one of the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt’s key development areas, after the was declared a national strategy.

Development zones: Donggang Economic Development Zone      2010-09-15
The zone’s purpose is to change and improve the use of the industry of the entire region, help develop Donggang as a medium-sized near-port city, and build up the near-port industrial area at the eastern tip of the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt. The zone could also be turned into a storage and logistics center for the eastern part of the Northeast.

Development zones: Dandong Dagushan Economic Zone      2010-09-14
The Dandong government decided to set up the Dagushan Economic Zone after the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt was made a part of the national development strategy in July 2009. The government wants to take advantage of Haiyanghong Port, still under construction in Dagushan, to develop a near-port heavy chemicals industrial cluster in the area and push tourism growth at the same time.

Development zones: Qianyang Economic Development Zone      2010-09-14
The Dandong Qianyang Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level zone founded in 1994, with an area of 120 square kilometers and a population of 80,000. When the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt was made a part of a national strategy in 2009, the zone became one of the belt’s 42 key opening-up areas and a future traffic hub, logistics center and industrial area for Dandong. 

Development zones: Dandong Tongyuanpu Economic Development Zone      2010-09-14
The zone expects to be a sort of relay point between Shenyang and Dandong, as well as the northern gateway of Dandong, a logistics center, an important industrial and trade town, a livable place, and a perfectly landscaped city.

Development zones: Jinshan Economic Development Zone      2010-09-14
The Dandong Jinshan Economic Development Zone was established on March 3, 2010, at the eastern end of what was being planned as the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt.

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