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Development zones: Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park
By Dong Jirong ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2010-11-28

The Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park was established in February 2009, and, in May 2010, became one of the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt’s key development areas, after the was declared a national strategy.

Plans call for the park to cover 15.86 square kilometers, which means that a number of traffic arteries -- the Shenyang-Dandong Expressway, Dandong-Dalian Expressway, National Highway 201, Shenyang-Dandong Railway, and Northeast China Eastern Border Railway -- are in the neighborhood. It also will sit adjacent to the Dandong Airport and Dadong Harbor.

Several rivers and greenbelts cut through the park separating it into five functional areas: industrial, R&D, finance and business, residential, and eco-agricultural.

The industrial area combines ecological development, environmental protection, and new, high technology and has four project clusters in bioengineering, new materials, high technology, and storage and logistics. Of these, the bioengineering project gives priority to pharmaceuticals, biological products, blood products, vaccine diagnostic reagents, medical equipment, headquarters economy, an R&D outsourcing center, exhibitions, displays a sales center, and the culture and creativity industry.

The new materials cluster gives priority to multi-layer co-extrusion film; metals; and composite, inorganic nonmetallic, nano, electronic, aeronautical, super-conducting, and other new materials. The high-tech cluster places priority on the high-tech, electronic, IT and animation industries. The storage and logistics cluster emphasizes logistics, real estate, tourism, star-rated hotels, shopping malls, business streets and other service business sectors.

In all, there are 23 projects with a total investment of 3.36 billion yuan, 8 of them new projects, with 586 million yuan in investment, and the rest, ongoing projects, with 2.78 billion yuan in backing.

The park will continue its work on attracting investment and environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and high-tech enterprises.

It has the following targets over the next five years: a GDP of 50 billion yuan, general revenues of 2 billion yuan, total fixed asset investment of 25 billion yuan, an urbanization level of 100 percent, green coverage of 60 percent, green space ratio above 30 percent, sewage treatment rate of 100 percent, water resource regeneration and utilization at 70 percent, and garbage treatment of 100 percent.

Development zones: Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park
Blueprint of Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park
Development zones: Liaoning (Dandong) Environmental Protection Industrial Park

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