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Taiwan guests invited as Dandong's cultural development advisers      2011-11-23
On the evening of Nov 14, Dandong's acting mayor Shi Guang met with Wang Weizhong, general manager of Taiwan Gin Star Entertainment Co Ltd, Huang Xiwen, president of Taiwan Hi-Yes Corp and other Taiwan guests.

Peking Opera draws final curtain      2011-09-23
Dandong Peking Opera Week came to a close at the city's cultural center on the evening of Sept 19.

77 farmer athletes from Dandong go to competition      2011-09-06
The 6th Liaoning Provincial Farmers Games is to open in Chaoyang district, the provincial capital of Shenyang city, from Sept 20 to 23.

Dandong cultural system reform achieves positive results      2011-08-29
Zhang Jiang, member of the standing committee of the Liaoning Provincial CPC Committee surveyed Dandong's culture sharing project, cultural system reform and mass cultural activities on August 22.

Dandong's cultural overview      2011-05-31
Dandong enjoys a long history and profound culture.

Historical relics in Dandong      2011-05-31
Dandong harbors abundant cultural resources.

Intangible cultural heritage in Dandong      2011-05-31
Dandong initiated its intangible cultural heritage protection program in 2005. Under the guiding policy of focusing on protection, reasonable utilization, and development, two surveys on the intangible cultural heritage in Dandong and the surrounding areas were conducted in 2007 and 2009.

Cultural activities      2011-05-31
Dandong has made full use of its local cultural heritage and cultural resources to benefit the masses, and thusly has satisfied its dwellers’ ever-increasing requirements for cultural life.

Culture exchange of Dandong      2010-09-14
The exchange mostly takes the form of ethnic singing and dancing, photography, calligraphy, and painting, giving full scope to its role as a “cultural ambassador” and forging the image of a “cultural Dandong.”

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