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Dandong profile      2011-05-12
This coastal-border city is situated on the bank of the Yalu River in southeastern Liaoning province and has a concentration of industrial, commercial, logistics and tourism businesses. It covers a 15,200 sq km area and consists of three county-level cities, three districts, and one State-level border economic cooperation zone. It has a population of 2.43 million.

Dandong Municipal People’s Government      2011-06-07
Introduction of  Dandong Municipal People’s Government

Environment      2011-05-12
Dandong sits in the center of Northeast Asia, where the Yalu River and Yellow Sea meet, southeast of Liaodong Peninsula’s open zone.

Local products      2011-05-31
With its abundance of agricultural resources, Dandong covers a woodland area of 960,000 hectares and arable land of more than 200,000 hectares. The fresh water surface area of Dandong covers 1,120 square kilometers with river and coastal lines totaling 329 kilometers.

Dandong City Flower      2011-05-30
Dandong introduced the azalea to the region at the beginning of 20th century, so it has a more than 100-year history of azalea propagation.

Dandong City Tree      2011-05-12
The city tree, the ginkgo, is also referred to as the maidenhair-tree. It is an unusual tree variety and botanists regard it as a "living fossil" of the plant kingdom.

Administrative divisions: Donggang District      2011-01-13
Donggang is a county-level city in Dandong, a new coastal port city near the northernmost part of China's coast.

Administrative divisions: Fengcheng District      2010-12-22
Fengcheng, one of Dandong’s county-level cities, is located in the eastern part of the Liaodong Peninsula, covering a 5,513-sq-km area with a total population of 590,000.

Administrative divisions: Kuandian Manchu autonomous county      2010-11-28
The autonomous county of Kuandian Manchu is a part of Dandong situated along the bank of the Yalu River facing the DPRK, to the southeast.

Administrative divisions: Zhenxing District      2010-09-15
Located in the southeast of Dandong, Zhenxing District has an area of 122.9 square kilometers and a population of 445,000.

Administrative divisions:Yuanbao District      2010-09-14
The Yuanbao district is renowned for Mountain Yuanbao in its boundary, covering 90 square kilometers with a resident population of 200,000.

Administrative divisions: Zhen'an District      2010-09-14

Located in the northeast of Dandong, Zhen'an District has an area of 659 square kilometers and a population of 184,000.

Industry in Dandong      2011-05-12
The local government of Dandong has chosen “auto and auto parts industry, iron & steel and other materials industry, electronic information industry and farm product processing industry” as leading industries.

Dandong’s sister cities      2011-05-12

Dandong has established relations with Wilmington, Delaware, in the US; Doncaster, in Britain; Tokushima, in Japan; Uijongbu, in South Korea, and Russia’s Astrakhan.

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