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Industry in Dandong
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Updated: 2011-05-12

The local government of Dandong has chosen “auto and auto parts industry, iron & steel and other materials industry, electronic information industry and farm product processing industry” as leading industries.

The auto industry will mainly develop the Huanghai brand, accelerate the development of BRT, tour buses and other high-end products and vigorously develop new-energy buses such as electric buses. The auto parts industry will mainly develop axles, forged steel crankshafts, superchargers and other competitive products and further consolidate its leading position in the market.

The iron & steel and other materials industry will mainly develop high-quality special steel, fine stainless steel and high-strength cold-rolled plates, and promote the earlier commencement and quicker construction of the 3mt special boracic steel project of Shougang Group, and the construction of the fine steel base project.

The electronic information industry will mainly develop IC, automotive electronics, electronic components, new-type displays, software development and service outsourcing. It will rely on the electronic information industrial park and form a nationally recognized electronic manufacturing base.

The farm product processing industry will mainly develop the processing of grain, aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, meat products and other foods, center on the special resources of specific counties, cities and districts, cultivate some leading enterprises for farm product processing, create some top-brand products and form some characteristic industrial clusters. At present, the auto and auto parts industrial cluster and the farmer product processing industrial clusters of Dandong have reached a scale of more than 10 billion yuan.

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