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Travel routes I      2011-08-31
Northern Route – Mountain Leisure Tourism Route Route A: Mount Phoenix - Wulongbei Hot Spring

Travel routes II      2011-08-31
Yalu River Leisure Sightseeing Two-Day Tour Route A: Yalu River Broken Bridge (Korean War Memorial) - Hushan Great Wall (eastern starting point of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty) - Hekou (Taiping Gulf) - Shuifeng - Lujiang River

Sights: Bird lovers flock to Yalu River estuary      2011-08-31
At the Yalu River estuary bordering the Yellow Sea, tens of thousands of migrating birds fly over each spring to rest, find food and breed.

Sights: Zhangdao Island      2011-08-31
Zhangdao Island, to the south of the town of Beijingzi, near the city of Donggang, has been called the No.1 island of China's vast coastal area.

Sights: Huabo Mountain Scenic Area      2011-08-31
Huabo Mountain is located in the northeast of the Kuandian Manchu autonomous county in Northeast China, and is the watershed of the Yalu River and Taizi River systems.

Sights: Taipingwan Scenic Zone      2011-08-31
The Taipingwan Scenic Zone is a key spot in the Yalu River National Scenic Area, 50 kilometers from the city of Dandong city, 98 km from the Qingshangou scenic zone

Sights: Dagushan Scenic Zone      2011-08-31
Dagushan is located in the town of Dagushan, to the west of the city of Donggang, and is known for its scenery, talented people, and long history.

Sights: Dalu Island Scenic Zone      2011-08-31
The Dalu Island Scenic Zone is located in the town of Dagushan, near the city of Donggang, with the city of Zhuanghe and Dalian to the west, and the port of Dandong, the city of Dandong, and Yalu River to the east.

Sights: Dalishu Eco-Tourism Area      2011-08-29
Dalishu National Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Area is capitalizing on the newest form of tourism, agricultural tourism, which combines the best of nature's bounty with all the amenities of a traditional tourist resort.

Sights: Pushihe Forest Park      2011-08-29
Pushihe Forest Park offers lush vegetation, idyllic views and fresh mountain air all year long. Listed as a Liaoning provincial forest park in 1997, the park is located in Dongdian village in Saima town in Fengcheng.

Sights: Wulong Mountain Scenic Area      2011-08-29
The Wulong Mountain Scenic Area is located in the northern suburb of the city of Dandong, with ​​a land of 56.53 square kilometers, and includes Wulongbei Spa, 25 km to the northwest of Dandong.

Sights: Shuifeng Lake      2011-08-29
Shuifeng Lake – a State 4A-class tourist area – is one of six key national scenic areas and the Northeast's largest freshwater lake.

Sights: Korean War Memorial      2011-08-29
The Korean War Memorial Museum at 68 Jinjiang Hill St in Dandong was built in 1958. On July 27, 1993, the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement, the new museum was completed and officially opened.

Sights: Huangyi Mountain Forest Park      2011-08-26
Huangyi Mountain Forest Park located in the eastern mountains of Liaoning province, offers visitors four scenic areas, as well as canyons, craters, Clear Spring Temple, Jiyuan Pagoda and pretty resort villages.

Sights: Qingshangou Scenic Area      2011-08-26
Qingshangou National Scenic Area is located in the town of Qingshangou in Kuandian county, 60 kilometers from Kuandian county, 160 kilometers from Dandong and 245 kilometers from Shenyang.

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