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Administrative divisions: Zhen'an District
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Updated: 2010-09-14

Overview of Zhen'an District

Located in the northeast of Dandong, Zhen'an District has an area of 659 square kilometers and a population of 184,000.

The district is characterized by abundant resources, a strong industrial basis and convenient transportation. With forest coverage up to 60 percent, it’s a state-level ecological model district.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" (2011-2015), Zhen'an District will focus on developing the modern service industry, modern agriculture, the high-tech industry and the headquarter economy to realize conspicuous optimization of industrial structure, sharp improvement of gross economy and remarkable boosting of the quality and standards of its citizens' life.

Major industrial parks

The Wulong Industrial Park is located in the center of the Zhen'an District, whose infrastructure construction has been completed and meets the settled standards. As one of the 10 key industrial parks determined by Dandong government, this park will spare no efforts to invigorate the high-tech, energy-saving and environment-friendly industries and develop itself into an important provincial industrial base of automobile and part production, mechanical processing, electronics and foods.

Dandong Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Base Modeling Park is located in the east of Zhen'an District with a planned area of 0.8 sq km. The park takes Liaoning Xintai Electronics LLC as its main resource to give impetus to the soaring development of the electronic equipment manufacturing industry. The park aims to develop the industry in Dandong to be an emerging industry with new electronic equipment, new electronic devices, new raw materials and components.

Dandong Yalu River Textile Anhydrous Printing and Dyeing Industrial Park is located in the north of Zhen'an District, covering 1.5 sq km and extends around on the basis of the originally existing Liaoning Hengxing Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd, Dandong Hengrui New Materials Co., Ltd, newly established anhydrous printing and dyeing research and development center and Dandong Huaxing Textile Co., Ltd. The park is divided into five function areas including the assistant printing and dyeing zone, the textile and clothing zone, the equipment manufacturing zone, the development reservation zone and the comprehensive service zone. Its development prospect is to form a complete textile and dyeing industrial chain of fabric-shell fabric-assistant-dyeing and finishing-clothing by 2015 to build it into the national anhydrous printing and dyeing base with internationally advantageous technologies.

Tongxing Thermoelectricity Industrial Park accords with the recycling economic mode, improves the ability to make use of wasted materials, implements intensive and orderly development and increases the technical content and added value of the products. The park takes enterprises such as the Jinshan Thermoelectricity Projects invested by 3.5 billion yuan and the Antai Xinhua Building Materials with an investment of 100 million yuan as the core. The park also stimulates the thermoelectricity industry to development in the direction of high parameter, high-capacity and highly effective environment protection and forms the energy-saving and environment-friendly thermoelectricity industrial park featured by low input, low consumption, low emission and high efficiency.

District website: www.zaq.gov.cn


Administrative divisions: Zhen'an District
Taipingwan Power Station
Administrative divisions: Zhen'an District
Administrative divisions: Zhen'an District
Zhen'an District:Wulong Industrial Park Blueprint
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