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Administrative divisions:Yuanbao District
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Updated: 2010-09-14

The Yuanbao district is renowned for Mountain Yuanbao in its boundary, covering 90 square kilometers with a resident population of 200,000. The Yuanbao District boasts advantageous geological positions including National Roads 201 and 304, three expressways -- Dandong-Shenyang Expressway, Dandong-Dalian Expressway and Dandong-Tonghua Expressway. Additionally, three railways -- Dandong-Shenyang, Dandong-Dalian and Shenyang-Dandong -- converge in this district 15 km away from the Dandong Airport and 25 km away from the Dandong Harbour which facilitates transportation in the Yuanbao district and highlights the edge of regional location.

The strategy of "three circles - two networks - one line" has constructed the development pattern of the "service industry center" of the Yuanbao District. "Three circles" refer to the Xin'an Pedestrian Street Business Circle, the Jinhai Commercial Square Business Circle and the Jinshan Economic Development Business Circle; "Two networks" indicate the networks of various special markets and one-stop shop service in the community; "One line" is the one line of suburb tourist lines with three scenic spots -- Mountain Yuanbao, Heigou Reservoir and the Northland Spring Spa Resorts.

Located in the Yuanbao District, Jinshan Economic Development Zone, Dandong’s second largest development zone, is led by the high-tech industry and an industrial cluster integrating production, learning and research. The national special vehicle production base of the Liaoning Dawn Automobiles Group is seated in this district.

The unique academy of regular college courses in Dandong, namely Liaodong College Northern Branch, sits in this district annually providing up to 10,000 graduates from various fields. Centered in the Jinshan Town, the Yuanbao District also strives to create classic agriculture in Dandong featured by abundant resources of characteristic agricultural products and large industrial scales. Industries such as livestock, fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings and local brands of unique features are in riotous profusion.

Major Business Circles

Xin'an Pedestrian Street Business Circle

The Xin'an Pedestrian Street Business Circle locates itself in the center of Dandong, covering an area of 0.3 sq km. The district boasts more than 30 large-scale, key commercial and trading enterprises such as Xinliu Mall, Jinyuanbao Mall, Jintang Mall, Dashang New Mart, Dashang Electrical Appliance, Modern Electrical Appliance, Taobo Mall, Huamei Technology Edifice, Holiday Sunlight Hotel, International Hotel and Kunlun Hotel. Materials distribution enterprises such as Dongfang Deli Transport, Shicheng Transport and Tongtai Freight Transport are also located in the circle.

Jinhai New Business Circle

The Jinhai New Business Circle lies in the center of Dandong with an area of 0.6 sq km. This area is advantageous in convenient transportation as the assembling point and stop of over 10 bus lines. This business circle has more than 30 key enterprises including Jinhai Baoshan Women's Street, Baoshan Wholesale City, Mcdonald Speed, Huachen Jinhai Film City, Huarun Wanjia Supermarket, Aoruite Fitness Club and Dandong Industrial and Commercial Bank. A world top 500 enterprise, Walmart, will join soon. A regional business center has formed taking the Jinhai Business Square as the axis and featured by first-rate facilities, concentrated business states and comprehensive functions.

Jinshan Town Business Circle

The Jinshan Town Business Circle is in the Jinshan Town of the Yuanbao District, which is the key area for the northward urban expansion of Dandong. The business circle boasts maximum advantages in transportation. Danshen, Danda and Dantong expressways converge here and the railroads from Dandong to Shenyang and the eastern part of northeast assemble here. This business circle is based on cultivation of the sci-tech talents of the Liaodong College, taking productive service industries such as sci-tech research and development and industrial design. They integrate technical testing, technical research and development and achievement conversion which jointly stimulate the progress of the productive and living service industries.

District Website: www.yb.dandong.gov.cn

Administrative divisions:Yuanbao District
Yuanbao District-WalMart blueprint
Administrative divisions:Yuanbao District
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