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Dandong delegation attracts investment from Shanghai      2012-07-25
The Dandong delegation, led by Shi Guang, mayor of Dandong, finished their business trip to Shanghai on July 18. Focusing on drawing investments in the modern service industry, industrial clusters, county development and new downtown construction, the delegation has achieved a good result.

Lin'gang Industrial Park joins hands with Shandong Academy of Sciences      2012-07-23
The exhibition on the scientific and technological research findings of Shandong Academy of Sciences was held in Dandong, Liaoning province on July 19.

Lectures for enterprises in Dandong      2012-07-23
The first lecture, held by the Dandong Municipal Enterprise Federation and Dandong Entrepreneur Association, was delivered to managers of nearly 100 medium-sized and small enterprises in Dandong, Liaoning province on July 19.

Innovative projects receive national fund      2012-07-20
Thirteen Dandong projects will receive a total fund of 8.55 million yuan ($1.34 million) from the National Innovation Fund for small technology-based firms, according to the National Ministry of Science and Technology.

Fengcheng awarded the title "First City of Dandong Chestnut"      2012-07-19
The dry fruit branch of the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science awarded Fengcheng the title of "China's first city of Dandong chestnut".

Jinshan Power Plant boiler put into operation      2012-07-16
The boiler No 1 for two 300-megawatt cogeneration units in Dandong Jinshan Power Plant was ignited on July 11, laying a solid foundation for the operation of the whole unit.

Dandong builds trade center for distribution to the DPRK      2012-07-13
The first China-DPRK Economic, Cultural and Tourism Expo that will be held this October is expected to attract over 5,000 merchants and more than 500 exhibitors bringing in thousands of products in 22 categories.

First urban complex in Fengcheng unveiled      2012-07-13
The brand signing ceremony of Fengcheng Yifeng International Trade City and the city investment promotion campaign unveiled on July 7th in Fengcheng, Dandong, in Liaoning province.

Over ten industrial clusters take shape in Dandong      2012-07-13
More than ten industrial clusters have taken shape in Dandong, Liaoning province, according to a conference on industrial clusters held by Liaoning provincial government on July 10.

2012 Dandong International Beer Music Festival      2012-07-10
There will be a 2012 Dandong International Beer Music Festival opening on Aug 16 and running through Aug 27, with the theme, "A joyous Beer Festival celebration in a new Dandong".

"CHINAOCS 2012" Dandong Tour      2012-07-10
The "CHINAOCS 2012 Dandong Tour" for overseas Chinese students took place at the Crowne Plaza, Dandong, Liaoning province, on June 30, with 35 highly educated overseas Chinese taking part, along with Li Shumin, deputy-secretary of the Municipal Party, and other municipal leaders.

Pingju Opera concert for Taiwan compatriots      2012-07-09
A concert performed by Pingju opera fans was held by the Yongchang subdistrict community, Zhenxing district of Dandong, Liaoning province on July 4.

Dandong tourism gains popularity in Taiwan      2012-07-09
The Beijing International Tourism Expo 2012 was held in Beijing from June 15 to 17. Leading Dandong tourism enterprises organized by the Dandong Municipal Tourism Bureau participated in the event.

Dandong delegation succeeds in model airplane competition      2012-07-05
The Dandong teenager delegation made record achievements at the 2012 Liaoning "Fly to Beijing and fly to outer space" model airplane competition.

Dandong heads for Japan and South Korea for potential projects      2012-06-27
A Dandong economic and trade delegation led by Shi Guang, mayor of Dandong went to Japan and South Korea to promote over 20 projects and communicate with more than 200 merchants from June 12 to 21.

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