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Children's Art Troupe perform in celebration of the Children's Day      2012-06-06
On June 1, 2012, children watched performances given by the Children's Art Troupe on campus at the Gulouzi village of Kuandian.

Taiwan media interview in Dandong      2012-06-06
A Taiwan media delegation composed of 13 news media and 18 journalists and reporters had a three-day interview session in Dandong from May 28 to 30, 2012.

First Manchu medicine production base established in Dandong      2012-06-06
The first Manchu medicine production base was set up at the Dandong Pharmaceutical Group on June 1, 2012.

Happy tour along Yalu River      2012-05-30
The "2012 Liaoning happy and healthy tour along the Yalu River" launching ceremony was held at the side of Yalu River on May 25, 2012.

Dandong special policeman receives national awards      2012-05-30
The National Public Security Hero Awards ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 18, 2012.

Dandong builds high-powered tug      2012-05-28
On May 18, the first high-powered full circle swinging tug "Andong No 1" built by the Dandong Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was delivered to the Dandong Port Group.

Yalu River Fishery Summit held in Dandong      2012-05-28
The Yalu River Fishery Summit was held in Dandong on May 18, 2012. Issues such as the sustainable development of high quality fishes in the Yalu River and the development of a fresh water fishery were discussed at the summit.

The Seventh Yalu River International Marathon Race to kick off      2012-05-23
The Seventh Yalu River International Marathon Race will kick off at the Culture Square of the border economic cooperation zone on May 27, 2012.

Charitable school library plan draws attention      2012-05-23
The charitable school library program, jointly launched by the Dandong Daily and the Dandong municipal charity federation, has raised nearly 100,000 yuan ($15,820) and established school libraries for 18 schools in Dandong.

Fengcheng sports meeting opens      2012-05-23
On May 16, the fifth Fengcheng sports meeting was held in Fengcheng of Dandong, Liaoning province.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank sets up a branch in Dandong      2012-05-23
On May 16, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Dandong Branch officially opened to the public. It is the 14th bank in Dandong, Liaoning province.

French agricultural experts investigate in Dandong      2012-05-23
Seven pig-raising experts from the French agricultural pig-raising research institute and the French national swine breeding committee paid a visit to Dandong to discuss a swine breeding cooperation project.

Dandong celebrates the Nurse's Day      2012-05-23
On May 11, Dandong held an awarding conference to celebrate the 100th International Nurse's Day. As many as 21 "excellent nurses" and 21 "excellent nursing service wards" were awarded at the conference.

Dandong enterprises to take part in the 15th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair      2012-05-11
The Dandong delegation will take part in the 15th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair to be held at the Pyongyang Three-Revolution Exhibition from May 14 to 17.

First regular bulk grain ship to Guangzhou sets sail      2012-05-11
A 50,000-ton grain ship "Anping 1" set sail to the Shekou Port of Guangzhou from the grain wharf of Dandong Port on May 5.

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