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Kuandian is rated "National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County"      2012-02-23
The Kuandian Manchu Autonomous county was rated one of the key national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, according to the Kuandian Tourism Bureau on Feb 13, 2012.

Job recruitment fair held in Dandong      2012-02-20
The first job recruitment fair after the Spring Festival in Dandong, a coastal city in Liaoning province, will be held on Feb 15 in the city's talents center.

Dandong supports service outsourcing industry      2012-02-20
The Entrepreneurs' Symposium of Service Outsourcing Industry was held on Feb 10 in Dandong, a coastal city in Liaoning province.

Beautiful rime scenery appears in Dandong      2012-02-10
On Feb 4, 2012, a beautiful frosty scene appeared on the banks of the Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning province.

Citizens voice support for civilization messenger campaign      2012-01-13
Launched in August 2011, the campaign aims to increase citizens' sense of cultural responsibility and to improve the city's urban civilization.

Fifteen tasks to improve the livelihood of Dandong people      2012-01-13
In 2012, the Dandong municipal government will take actions to improve public well being. The following fifteen tasks have been put forth.

Dandong ranks among "China's Ten Important Border Cities"      2012-01-05
Dandong was listed in the "China Ten Important Border Cities" at the Chinese border cities summit on Dec 21st.

910m yuan to improve Dandong locals' livelihoods      2012-01-05
The Dandong Municipal Development and Reform Commission obtained approximately 910 million yuan ($144.24 million) of national and provincial funds allocated towards regional development in 2011.

Seven Dandong private companies among provincial top 100      2011-12-31
Seven Dandong companies ranked among the top 100 private companies of Liaoning province for 2010.

Dandong fixed as grade II logistics node city      2011-12-31
According to the Plan of Logistics Development in Northeast China from 2011 to 2015, Dandong, along with 16 other cities, has been listed as a grade II logistics node city in northeast China.

Dandong children perform well at national opera fans contest      2011-12-31
On the evening of Dec 10, the host announced that Dandong won the gold medal for youth group in the National Traditional Opera Fans Competition.

Kuandian agricultural tourism      2011-12-29
After investigating Dandong's county-level cities, Donggang and Fengcheng in the Liaoning province, the city's acting mayor Shi Guang went to his next stop: Kuandian Manchu.

New technology brings apple harvest      2011-12-22
After a period of storage, Dandong's Hanfu apples have become a sought-after fruit on the market.

Non-local environmentalist loves Dandong      2011-12-22
"I have been to Dandong many times over the past few years and each time I find great changes had been taken place in the city," said Zhang Shucheng.

Dandong Clock Association established      2011-12-22
On Dec 5, representatives from Dandong's 36 clock companies gathered at the Liaoning Watch Industrial Park to celebrate the birth of the Dandong Clock Association.

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