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Shangri-La along Yalu River      2011-08-30
Shangri-La is a land of perpetual tranquility as described in Lost Horizon, written by English novelist James Hilton in 1933. The novel later became a craze when it was made into a Hollywood movie.

Liaoning governor visits Dandong      2011-08-30
Governor of Liaoning province in Northeast China Chen Zhenggao inspected key projects in Dandong on August 20.

Fengcheng enlisted among China top 100 economic competitive counties      2011-08-29
The2011 National Annual Meeting on County Economic and Scientific Development was held, where the 11th list of "China Top 100 Counties of Basic Economic Competitiveness" was publicized.

Northeast China village: paradise of egrets      2011-08-24
It is a pleasant summer evening. The village, surrounded by mountains, looks tranquil and peaceful. Villagers are enjoying a cool breeze in front of their houses, with egrets twittering in distant woods or hovering in the sky.

Dandong to present new image on CCTV shows      2011-08-22
Two programs in Dandong, Happy China Concert - Charming Dandong and Happy China Concert - Special Program, are to be broadcast on CCTV-3 at 20:00 on August 18 and 21 after two-months of preparation.

Golden job for blue-collar workers      2011-08-22
As the saying goes, craftsmanship is hard to master at the age of 30. However, 42-year-old Zhang, a vegetable grower in Jixian village of Tangchi town, Liaoning province's Dandong city, defied that old saying by leaving his old job and picking up a new skill.

City's back garden from key industrial town      2011-08-19
When Jinshan town at Yuanbao district is mentioned, people automatically think narrow paths, low and obsolete houses. However big changes have taken place.

Dandong grows into national garden city      2011-08-17
Dandong will face reviews by the national garden city inspection team at the end of August. The city is striving to become recognized as a national garden city.

Wulongbei to build hot spring resort      2011-08-15
The Liaoning province town of Wulongbei is investing 10 billion yuan in a new hot spring resort that is expected to become a major tourism destination.

Dandong companies have business talks with universities      2011-08-15
Local companies should put more effort in developing techniques and products with their proprietary intellectual property rights for the city’s long-running development.

Dandong delegation visits Taiwan      2011-08-12
An Economic and Trade Delegation has visited Taiwan for a 7-day observation tour. Dai Yulin, Secretary of Dandong Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor Wang Changlin were among those included in the delegation.

Dandong becomes an environment friendly city with clean energy      2011-08-12
A new environmentally friendly boiler room has begun operating in the Dandong Border Economic Cooperation Zone in Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Tourist undeterred by Tropical storm Muifa      2011-08-12
Tourists were not stopped by winds and rains brought by tropical storm Muifa, which hit Dandong, Northeast China's Liaoning province on Tuesday.

Typhoon Muifa brushes past Dandong      2011-08-12
Dandong did report 96.4 millimeters of rain from late Aug 7 to Aug 8. The strongest winds blew at 15.7 meters per second at 1 pm on Aug 8 at Donggang station.

An Interview with Niu Hanben, Academician of Engineering Academy of China      2011-08-10
“This is my first trip to Dandong but the city is actually not strange to me, because in Dandong the first X-ray detector of new China was born in 1965” said Niu.

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