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A promising Dandong      2011-10-09
Guests of "Yalu River Friends" academician fellowship society visited Dandong scenic spots to appreciate the city's unique historical culture on Sept 28.

Dandong Museum to open to the public      2011-10-08
Dandong Museum opened to groups for the first time during the National Day holiday.
The museum showcases a collection of 24,000 pieces of cultural relics unearthed mostly in Dandong, Liaoning province.

Yalu River academician fellowship society      2011-09-30
A ceremony marking the establishment of the "Yalu River Friends" academician fellowship society was held on Sept 27 in Dandong, Liaoning province.

Dandong wins Liaoning Sanitary City title      2011-09-29
The provincial sanitary assessment panel announced Dandong as the winner of the title "Most Sanitary City" on Sept 15. Dandong scored 94.36, higher than the evaluation standard of 90 points.

China-DPRK Yalu River Highway Bridge construction running to plan      2011-09-29
The construction of the 2.22 billion yuan ($344.08 million) China-DPRK Yalu River Highway Bridge is on schedule. It will be completed and open to traffic in July 2014.

Yalu River International Tourism Festival      2011-09-21
The signing ceremony of 2011 China · Dandong Yalu River International Tourism Festival was held at Dandong's Crown Plaza Hotel on Sept 10.

Dandong teachers praised on Teacher's Day      2011-09-16
Liaoning celebrated the 27th national Teacher's Day on Sept 6, rewarding teachers who have made outstanding educational contributions and generated excellent students.

Vote for China's top ten frontier cities      2011-09-16
China's Frontier Cities (Counties) Top Ten ballot is now open for public judgment via the campaign's official online voting platform or hotline.

Eco-Dandong      2011-09-16
A sound eco-environment is an important indicator of a region's livability. A sound eco-environment is also the foundation of a national garden city.

Dandong Residents' Lecture Hall opens      2011-09-09
The Liaoning province city of Dandong opened its Residents' Lecture Hall on Aug 31, organized by the Dandong municipal CPC publicity department and a lecturer volunteer team from the Dandong municipal CPC committee.

Sing a song to Civilization Messager Campaign      2011-09-09
A grand performance was held at the Rose Square along Yalu River in Dandong city, Liaoning province, on the morning of Sept 5.

Dandong - a green city      2011-09-06
In recent years, the Liaoning province city of Dandong has increasingly invested in the city's work of landscaping. A number of city parks have been constructed and renovated.

Wang Yong nominated as "China's most beautiful teacher"      2011-09-05
Wang Yong, a primary school teacher in Yongdian town's Beigou village of the Kuandian Manchu autonomous county, Liaoning province, was nominated as China's most beautiful countryside teacher on Chinese Teachers' Day.

Yalu River International Tourism Festival to kick off in Dandong      2011-09-05
The annual Yalu River International Tourism Festival is to be held from Sept 9 to 13 in Dandong city, Liaoning province, according to news released by the Information Office of Dandong Municipal People's Government on Aug 31.

Dandong civilization messenger campaign kicks off      2011-09-05
The launching ceremony of the civilization messenger campaign was held on Aug 25 at the cultural center of Dandong city, Liaoning province.

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