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Dalian Bank donates to help abandoned children in Dandong      2011-12-22
On the first anniversary of its establishment, Dandong Branch of Dalian Bank donated 920,000 yuan ($145,176) to Dandong's 92 abandoned children in the countryside.

Dandong's Children opera troupe on CCTV      2011-12-22
Recently, 34 children actors of the Dandong Children Beijing Opera Troupe participated in the Fourth National Amateur Beijing Opera Contest held by CCTV.

Dandong's instrument and meter industry base      2011-12-22
On Dec 2, Dandong acting mayor Shi Guang visited the Instrument and Meter Industrial Base and affirmed its development over the past two years.

LNG buses put into use in Dandong      2011-12-22
On Dec 5, the LNG (liquefied natural gas) buses, in which the Dandong Municipal Government invested over 54 million yuan ($8.53 million), were put into operation.

Dandong's 1st Spring Festival Party      2011-12-16

The first People's Spring Festival Party of Dandong city is to take record on Feb 17, 2012.

Honest individual businesses rewarded in Dandong      2011-12-15
The Reward Ceremony for Civilized and Honest Individual Business was held in Dandong on Nov 11. As many as 102 individual businesses were granted the title of, "civilized and honest individual business".

Dandong recruits program ideas for Spring Festival      2011-12-05
The publicity department of the Dandong municipal CPC committee invited talents of cultural and artistic circles for a discussion on this year's Spring Festival celebration.

Dandong launched first 15,000-ton working ship      2011-11-29
The launching ceremony of the 15,000-ton displacement working ship was held at Dandong shipbuilding base on Oct 12.

Tsinghua University recruits students from Fengcheng      2011-11-29
Fengcheng No 1 High School, in the Liaoning province city of Dandong, was awarded the title of "Excellent Student Source Base of Tsinghua University".

Donggang's seafood gain national geographical identification      2011-11-24
The geographical identification certificates are given to agricultural products from specific regions.

NE China's largest grain processing production line to be completed in Dandong      2011-11-23
On the morning of Oct 12, the groundbreaking ceremony for phase II of the 3.5-million-ton grain processing and comprehensive utilization project was held at Dandong Pasite Grain & Oil Co Ltd.

Song of civilization messengers      2011-11-03
On the morning of Oct 31, more than 150 members of the China Youth League rehearsed the Song of Civilization Messengers in the Public Arts Center in Zhenxing district of Dandong.

Cleaner on Tianhua Mountain      2011-10-19
Early in the morning, Yang Wanlong grabbed his breakfast and hurried to the Tianhuashan scenic zone in Liaoning province's Dandong city, where he has been working for 10 years.

Neighborhood sports games      2011-10-12
The second local sports games hosted by the Yalujiang neighborhood committee attracted thirteen neighborhood and village teams. Nearly 600 athletes participated in more than a dozen events.

Dandong Celebrates National Day      2011-10-12
A "Five-Starred Red Flags Fly in Dandong" activity was held in Dandong to celebrate the National Day on Oct 1. CCTV News and Liaoning News produced by the Liaoning TV Station covered the event.

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