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Fengcheng chestnuts gain national recognition
By He Xi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-01-06

The National Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office officially issued a trademark registration certificate to Fengcheng for its famous Fengcheng chestnut on Dec 28, said a source from the local forestry bureau, Yalu River Evening News reported.

With a long cultivation history, the Fengcheng chestnut is known for its large size, good flavor and rich nutrition. It is a traditional export product of Dandong.

In recent years, cultivation of the Fengcheng chestnut has expanded as a result of integrated planning, concentrated plantations, separate operations and guiding business models. The Fengcheng chestnut industry has become a pillar industry in the city.

Fengcheng is recognized as a "National Chestnut Demonstration Base", "Home of the Chestnut in China", and "The Top City (County) of Dandong Chestnuts".

The trademark registration will increase the popularity of Fengcheng chestnuts. Meanwhile, Dandong's chestnut industry will grow as a result of better branding, yielding benefits for chestnut farmers.

A geographical indication trademark is a trademark that indicates the quality and features characterized by unique natural and cultural factors.

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