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Dandong strives to build a well-off society
By He Xi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-01-10

Dandong plans to build a well-off society in the next five years, Yalu River Evening News reported. The city will make efforts in the following aspects:

The city will enhance comprehensive economic strength by maintaining an annual GDP growth rate of 12 percent, public finance budget revenue growth of 15 percent, and fixed investment growth of over 20 percent in the next five years.

Dandong will promote the integrated development of economic zones to form industrial clusters. It will also expand the use of foreign investment to build a competitive advantage in exports featuring advanced technology, high-end brands and excellent quality. Moreover, as the marine economy booms, the throughput of Dandong Port is expected to reach 200 million tons, building Dandong as the most convenient access point to the sea for Northeast China.

The industrial structure in Dandong will also be adjusted. The city should strengthen agriculture, improve strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, and improve the proportion of modern services in the economy — including information, logistics, conferences and exhibitions, and financial services.

The ecological environment is also a big concern in social development. The city will adhere to the construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society by advancing green, recyclable and low-carbon development. Meanwhile, major pollutants caused by GDP energy consumption must be considerably decreased.

Above all, the city will spare no efforts to improve people's living standards. The city must promote coordinated development of urban and rural social security systems and provide more efficient employment. Along with increasing the urbanization rate to over 70 percent, the city will double urban and rural resident income and improve people’s living conditions and environment to achieve coordinated development in various social undertakings.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Michael Thai

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