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Kuandian becomes ginseng industry demonstration county
By Zhao Qian ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-12-12

The Kuandian Manchu autonomous county was approved as a ginseng industry demonstration county by Liaoning province, according to the Kuandian forestry bureau on Dec 10.

By 2015, the ginseng industry in the county will realize an output value of 5.6 billion yuan ($896 million) and promote higher income for local peasants.

After years of practice, wild ginseng cultivation techniques in the region are advanced and widely employed. "Kuandian Shizhu ginseng" has been authorized as a national geographical indication and Kuandian has been named as "The First Couty of Shizhu Ginseng" by the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The area used for ginseng production in Kuandian currently spans 54,000 hectares in 158 countries of 18 villages and towns. It has a production output value of 2.6 billion yuan and has created jobs for nearly 100,000 people. The ginseng industry has become a leading sector and driver for increasing local income.

"We will continue to make efforts to build the largest provincial ginseng industry demonstration area with the best quality products and economic benefits,"said a manager at the Kuandian forestry bureau.

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