Nantong report

  • Nantong makes safe bet on innovation


    The Nantong government is encouraging innovation, improving industry chains and integrating resources over the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) period to advance local industry structures, according to a city work report.

  • City hosts Swiss commerce and trade delegation


    A Swiss commerce and trade delegation of about 30 representatives from the country's major industries visited Nantong, Jiangsu province, and attended the Nantong-Switzerland Trade Cooperation Fair at the invitation of the city’s foreign affairs office on Jan 14.

  • Nantong improves livelihoods through agricultural reform


    Nantong in East China’s Jiangsu province has made great progress in promoting agricultural modernization and improving rural residents' livelihoods through sustainable and innovation-driven development during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15).

  • Dedicated channel speeds access to international Internet sites


    A dedicated Internet channel for international communication was launched in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on Dec 30, making the city the third in the province to have access to the international information superhighway after Suzhou and Nanjing.

  • Nantong grasps growth opportunities


    Located at the Yangtze River's mouth to the Yellow Sea and with Shanghai to its south, Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province has seized the opportunities for development generated by national strategies during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) and realized stable economic growth through further opening-up in the context of the new normal.

  • Nantong surpasses goals set for 12th Five-Year Plan


    Nantong has reached the goals set for its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) and made marked progress toward the target of building a moderately well-off society over the past five years.

Rugao boosts growing economy

The city of Rugao in Nantong, Jiangsu province, is boosting its economic growth by developing high-tech and green industries.