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Pingnan strives to improve people’s livelihoods


Pingnan is promoting small projects and improving people’s livelihoods this year.

Wu Yunming visit Pingnan Huaqiao Middle School


Wu Yunming, head of Pingnan’s county government, visited Pingnan’s Huaqiao Middle School.

Fujian offers $12m in subsidies for industrial growth


Fujian will earmark 75 million yuan ($12 million) to support 130 industrial projects across the province.

Pingnan strives to build beautiful countryside


In the coming three years, Pingnan county will set aside six million yuan ($960,600) each year to assist 12 impoverished local villages starting this year.

Pingnan Elementary School to move to new campus


The new campus of Pingnan Elementary School is expected to finish construction ahead of this autumn, meaning the students can have classes there in the coming semester.

Pingnan elders enjoy their lives at “Happy Home”


On May 9, the 79-year-old Wu Weixian, happily entered the “Happy House” with a small case.

Pingnan residents get the “Most Beautiful Family in Fujian” Award


On May 14, the award ceremony of the “Most Beautiful Family in Fujian” and the“Family with Five Excellences in Fujian” was held in Fujian.

Pingnan: Rectifying problems that had had strong complaints from the people


“The new dustbins on Xianfu Road are very beautiful. Every day when I pass them I can’t help looking at them. Such eye candy!” said Zhou Zhenjing from Pingnan’s county government.