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Introduction to Baishuiyang Scenic Area

Baishuiyang has the most distinctive natural landscapes among the five major scenic areas of the Yuanyang Creek.

Wan'an Bridge in Pingan, China's Fujian

Bridges are not just for crossing rivers in Pingnan, they are icons of the little-known county in northeast Fujian province.

Pingnan eager to grow tourism

A promotional seminar on the county’s Yuanyangxi scenic spot, which has been called an “aqua-paradise,” was held Monday and Tuesday at Taizhou in Zhejiang province.

Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Yuanyangxi

The mandarin duck is the national second-rated protected bird, a popular ornamental water bird. Yuanyangxi is 14km long, surrounded by mountains and forests, quiet and clean, an ideal place for mandarin ducks to inhabit.

Guangfu Bridge

The Guangfu Bridge, also known as the Xiyuan Bridge or Kaiyuan Bridge, is located in the north of Lingxia Village, extending along a southeast-northwest direction.

Jiuxianshan Scenic Spot

The mountain is located 60 kilometers west of the county seat, adjacent to the border of Xianshan Ranch and Jian’ou county.

Xianshan Ranch Scenic Spot

Xianshan Ranch Scenic Spot is located at the borders of Gutian and Jian’ou counties, more than 60 kilometers northwest of the county seats.

Wooden Arcade Bridges in Pingnan

The oldest wooden arcade bridge in Pingnan was first built in the Song Dynasty. Other bridges in the town were first built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

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