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Xianshan Ranch Scenic Spot

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Updated: 2011-04-13

Xianshan Ranch Scenic Spot is located at the borders of Gutian and Jian’ou counties, more than 60 kilometers northwest of the county seats. The alpine pasture covers an existing area of more than 30,000 acres, and 100,000 additional acres will be developed.

Xianshan Ranch is a montane grassland with few trees in the middle slopes. There are about 15 Huangshan Mountain Pines per acre on this grassland located at an elevation of 941 meters to 1,472 meters. The ranch itself is located about 1,260 meters above sea level on an incline of 15-30 degrees. The annual average temperature is13℃, with extreme high temperatures reaching 31.5℃ and extreme low temperatures reaching 12.5℃. The area is frost-free for an average 2290 days per year, and receives an average 2,000 millimeters of annual rainfall. The relative humidity is 85~90 percent.

There are more than 20 mountain streams featuring perennial flow and known as Hua Xi (flower streams). The mountain is often cloudy and humid, abundant in grass and also bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ferns, strawberries, Rana spinosa, and "Keng Tou Po "(fish). It is a rare grassland tourism destination in Jiangnan. The well-equipped Xianshan Hotel is an ideal base for summer getaways and also for hunting, flower picking, fishing, biological studies, snow appreciation, and other activities.

Xianshan Lake

The lake is located in front of the montane grassland, covering hundreds of acres.

Lisheng Rock

Lisheng Rock is the highest peak of Xianshan Mountain, with an elevation of 1,472 meters above sea level. The peak is steep, dangerous, strange and splendid, with many Huangshan Mountain Pines.

Juxian Rock

Juxian Rock is situated on the mountain ridge in the rear of the grassland, with towering Huangshan Mountain Pines standing on the exquisite peak.

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