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Pingnan seeks expert advice on arch bridges protection

Pingnan officials held a meeting with experts on Jan 3 concerning the protection of three bridges in the county which are seen as cultural relics.

Typical products

Chinese Calligraphy is a brush art which is unique to Asian cultures.

Travel in groups

Traveling in China is exciting and now offers more flexibility.

Best time for China travel

You should base any decision about the best time to visit China on what kind of weather you prefer and on which regions you wish to visit.

Passport notice

A passport is an official travel document issued to citizens of a country by the State.

Internet use

Many hotels now have a Business Centre which have computers available for the use of guests.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine has an ancient and prized tradition, which has become loved all over the world.

56 ethnic groups

There are 56 ethnic groups in China. The Han ethnic group was recorded at 91.96%.

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