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Pingnan strongly supports companies


Pingnan published preferential policies and dispatched professionals to help companies go public.

Fuzhou's 2016 lantern festival to light up


The 2016 Fuzhou Lantern Festival will start on Feb 18  and run for five days in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

Pingnan villagers welcome New Year together on bridge


Pingnan county, in northeastern Fujian province, saw more than 600 villagers sit down around 50 dining tables on the Wan'an Bridge in Changqiao village on Feb 11 to welcome the New Year of the Monkey.

Fujian and Taiwan join hand in port partnership


The Fujian e-port management center recently signed an agreement with Taiwan's e-port platform, as a move to enhance cooperation on port clearance and logistics information sharing.

Most cities report poor air quality for 2015


Most cities out of more than 330 monitored saw their annual air quality readings fall below national safety standards last year.

China to implement 2.5-day weekend this summer


The State Administration of Tourism is mulling over a new plan to create a two-and-a-half day weekend across the country sometime by the summer.

World's largest redwood Mazu statue settles in Fujian


A seating ceremony for a redwood Mazu statue was held in the Meizhou Mazu Temple of southeast China's Fujian Province, Jan 22.

Flights in Fujian delayed or cancelled due to snowy weather


A number of flights at Fujian's Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Quanzhou airports were delayed or cancelled on Jan 23 and 24.

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