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Fujian, Macao sign 3 joint venture deals


Enterprises from Fujian and Macao signed three agreements on joint ventures following Fujian Party Secretary You Quan’s visit to Macao on June 2, China News Service reports.

Fujian, Hong Kong cooperation heats up


A business promotion highlighting Fujian-Hong Kong cooperation was held in Hong Kong on June 1, and 15 deals were signed with investments of up to $3.8 billion, Xinhua News Agency reports.

Pingnan strives to alleviate poverty


This year, Pingnan county set a specific goal on poverty relief – to construct a well-off society by 2020 at a consistent pace with Ningde city.

Ningde: sights to freeze prices


The China National Tourism Administration recently published a list of "tourist sites with reliable prices" on its website on May 25.

Fujian warns of risks from exotic plants


Quarantine authorities in Fujian province have warned of biological risks from a soaring number of exotic plants found in mail and travelers' suitcases.

Pingnan to build agricultural market


Pingnan's government took advice from experts and the masses about the design of the new agricultural market on May 11.

Timber arch lounge bridge: living fossil of bridges


Chinese Folk Artists Association conferred the title of "Home of timber arch lounge bridges of China" to Pingnan county this year.

Downpour ravages Fujian


Torrential rains have continued since May 18 and taken a big toll on Fujian province, claiming eight lives with one still missing, authorities said Sunday.