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Ningde raises minimum wages


Ningde, a prefecture-level city in the northeastern coast of Fujian, raised all counties' minimum wages on the basis of the province's recent notification.

Digital cinemas to open in Pingnan


The beginning of August will witness opening of two digital cinemas in Pingnan, an inland mountainous county in northeastern Fujian.

Ningde's GDP increases 8.7% in H1


During the first half year of 2015, Ningde's GDP rose 8.7 percent to 59 billion yuan ($9.5 billion), with six indices' growth rate top Fujian province's lists, according to a meeting in Ningde on July 16.

Ningde introduces policies to accelerate industrial transformation


Ningde will reward qualified companies for business transformation and market exploitation, according to the recent public document.

Huge typhoon barrels toward China's east coast


China's eastern coast was on maximum alert as super - typhoon Chan-Hom was predicted to make landfall between Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, blasting the regions with torrential rains and winds.

China on highest alert for super typhoon Chan-Hom


China is on the highest alert as super typhoon Chan-Hom approaches the eastern coast with winds of up to 187 km per hour.