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Ningde is an emerging harbor city in eastern Fujian province with an area of 13,500 square kilometers and a population of 3.3 million.

Pingnan Connecting Line

Pingnan regards this expressway connecting line as a lifeline of its development. This project has received great support from the leaders of related ministries and commissions in the state, and the province and city.

Hydrogen Peroxide Project

The hydrogen peroxide project of Rongping Chemical Co., Ltd., a key construction project of Fujian Province and a demonstration project for the recycling economy completed construction and started production in September 2010.

Huizelong Distillery

Fujian Huizelong Distillery Co., Ltd., is a joint stock company dedicated to the production, processing and sale of yellow wine.

Pingnan county

Pingnan county, located in northeastern Fujian province, enjoys a long history, beautiful landscape, rich cultural heritage, fertile land and abundant resources.

Fujian Pingnan Industrial Park

Fujian Pingnan Industrial Park is a provincial industrial park reserved in the fifth review announcement of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Strengthening the construction of rural highway safety projects

In 2009, Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province planned to spend RMB900,000 in strengthening the construction of rural highway safety projects.

Ningping Grade-2 Highway

Ningping (Ningde-Pingnan) Highway is a key construction project in the province and a World Bank-funded project.