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Pingnan Connecting Line

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Updated: 2011-03-31

The Pingnan Connecting Line is a construction project tied up with the Ningwu (Ningde-Wuyishan) Expressway. It is 29km long and extends from Yangyuan Interchange in Zhenghe County to the county seat of Pingnan County, though eventually it will be extended further to connect the proposed Jingtai (Beijing-Taipei) Expressway. The section in Pingnan is 22.7km long. The investment is about RMB1.673 billion. It runs two ways and has four lanes. The subgrade is 24.5m wide. Baishuiyang and Pingnan interchanges have been designed.

Pingnan regards this expressway connecting line as a lifeline of its development. This project has received great support from the leaders of related ministries and commissions in the state, and the province and city also enjoy reflecting on the hard work and painstaking efforts made by the leaders and cadres of Pingnan County. For the construction of this road, 1579 hectares of land needs to be acquired.

The county party committee and county government carried forward Pingnan’s spirit of “advancing despite difficulties and doing pioneering work” and made full preparations. At the beginning of the year, the county expressway construction leaders quickly transferred capable personnel from land and resources, forestry and other related departments, as well as Shuangxi and Tangkou towns to set up two land acquisition groups and run them efficiently.

In early August, the work of land acquisition, demolition and relocation was completed, and the construction organization entered the site so that the construction organizations for contract sections A10, A11 and A12 of the Ningwu Expressway may start construction without difficulty once they enter the site in mid-October.