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Baishuiyang and Riyuetan pool shakes hands

The Taiwan Nantou delegation went to Pingnan, Fujian on a three-day cultural exchange. This visit lasted for three days commenced August 17.

Introduction to Baishuiyang Scenic Area

Baishuiyang has the most distinctive natural landscapes among the five major scenic areas of the Yuanyang Creek.

Jixia Village in Pingnan

Jixia Village in Gantang Township, Pingnan County is an amazing, watery village.

Jitou Village

Located in Pingnan County, Jitou Village was first built in the third year of Emperor Xizong’s reign (876) in the Tang Dynasty.

Fujian Pingnan County Farming Culture Museum

The Fujian Pingnan County Farming Culture Museum was founded by Zhang Shuyan, the great farming enthusiast.

Shuangxi Town

Time-honored Shuangxi town is a place of unique natural heritage and profound cultural foundation.