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Shuangxi Town

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Updated: 2011-03-31

Time-honored Shuangxi town is a place of unique natural heritage and profound cultural foundation. Several distinctive areas including Yuanyang Lake, Taibaoluo, Liugong Rock, Qipan Mountain, Qixing Rock and other scenic areas are scattered across the region. The people are simple and honest. The unique locational advantage and superior natural environment create exceptional conditions for the development of ecotourism in Shuangxi Town.

Shuangxi Town has a long history. 1094 years ago in the third year of Emperor Liangmo’s reign (913) over Houliang in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, an ancestor of the Lu clan came to Shuangxi. In the 215 years from the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng’s reign (1735) in the Qing Dynasty to 1950, Shuangxi was the political, economic and cultural center of the county. The town’s millennial history has created a deep cultural foundation and diversified folk customs. Well-preserved historical sites in the town include Confucius’ Temple, the Town God’s Temple, Ruiguang Town, the ancient county court, Beiyan Temple, the ancient Chastity Archway, Nan’an Bridge and the remains of the ancient roads to neighboring cities and counties. Today, the town also owns two world-class science areas: Baishuiyang and Yuanyang Creek.