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Fujian Pingnan County Farming Culture Museum

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Updated: 2011-03-31

The Fujian Pingnan County Farming Culture Museum was founded by Zhang Shuyan, the great farming enthusiast. The area of the museum is about 1500m2. Five ancient residential houses in Jitou Village, a famous historical and cultural village in the province, are currently being rented as the site of the museum. The museum features six sections, each displaying a different aspect of traditional farming culture in Pingnan: the Farming Culture Experience Center, the Traditional Farm Implement Display Center, the Farming-Reading Culture Exhibition Center, the Millennial Fabrics Display Center, the Ming and Qing Furniture Display Center, and the Pingnan Landscape Movie Center. More than 5,000 farming relics were collected from the society and are displayed by type. The ways to collect exhibits are borrowing, donation, leasing and purchase. Nearly 80% of the exhibits are collected by means of IOU.