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Huizelong Distillery

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Updated: 2011-04-01

Fujian Huizelong Distillery Co., Ltd., is a joint stock company dedicated to the production, processing and sale of yellow wine. Founded in 1996, with a total investment of RMB120 million, the company is headquartered in the Baishuiyang ecotourism county, Pingnan County, Fujian and situated beside Ningping Grade-2 Highway and a junction of the Ningwu Expressway.

"Huizelong" is considered a well-known trademark and a top brand product in Fujian. The company is a key project in the program of cooperation between mountainous and coastal areas in Fujian and a “municipal leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization” in Ningde City.

It has received the certification of ISO9000 2000 quality system and QS certification. The company has always stuck to a brand strategy, kept expanding its market and catered to the domestic market. It attaches importance to the harmony and unity of quality and efficiency, encourages innovation and advocates human-oriented management.

Huizelong wine is brewed with red yeast rice by an ancient method. It uses spring water in the dragon pool. The taste is extraordinary. The flavor is unique. It’ll get you drunk.