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Pingnan holds rope skipping contest


Pingnan held a rope skipping contest on April 26 to celebrate International Workers' Day.

Pingnan's court grants left-behind children's wishes


Staff of Pingnan People's Court visited Gufeng Second Elementary School recently to help 46 left-behind children realize their small wishes.

Premier Li Keqiang urges Fujian to build on its achievements


Premier Li Keqiang said reform and opening-up are the most important and effective measures to maintain stable economic growth.

Premier Li urges high level opening up, innovation


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has demanded a high level of opening up and innovation to bolster economic growth.

Interpretation of Fujian FTZ's development plan


China's State Council issued a master plan for the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) on April 24, 2015, outlining strategic goals for Fujian to become a leader in institutional innovation, cross-Straits cooperation and a core area on the modern maritime Silk Road.

Pingnan People's Court opens WeChat account


Pingnan People's Court opens an account on WeChat, the Chinese messaging app with more than 500 million active users, to listen to public opinion, according to court.gmw.cn.

Industrial challenges give Li food for thought


Worrying about the challenges faced by traditional industries, in particular the textile sector, has made Li Keqiang lose his appetite, the premier revealed on Thursday.

Preferential tax policies to stay for Taiwan firms


Premier Li Keqiang pledged to continue preferential policies, including tax reductions, for Taiwan-invested corporations to help them counteract the mainland's economic slowdown and restructuring.