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Pingnan closes scenic spots for safety consideration


Baishuiyang and Yuanyangxi scenic spots in Pingnan county, Fujian province, was temporarily closed on July 23.

Ningde ranks in top 6 tourism cities in Fujian province


Earlier this week, the China National Tourism Administration published a list of the most popular cities in East China's Fujian province for 2014.

Cultural promotion starts in Pingnan


Pingnan's cultural promotion month, with a theme of "Forever Nostalgia", started at Fuzhou University on July 18.

Pingnan establishes charity federation


A charity federation was set up on June 24 in Pingnan county, Fujian province.

Fujian braces for Matmo; landfall expected on Wednesday


Fujian closed its coastal scenic spots and shut down outdoor construction on Tuesday as it braces for Typhoon Matmo.

Landscape renovation project starts in Pingnan


A landscape renovation project was started off in Changfen River, Pingnan county, Fujian province on July 11.

Disabled Pingnan villagers get assistive devices


A prosthetic and orthotic service group composed of doctors and assistant tool technicians from provincial hospitals and professional organizations visited villages in Pingnan county, on July 12.

UNESCO to inspect Baishuiyang


United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will conduct a mid-term assessment of the Ningde Global Geopark in mid-July.