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Pingnan constructs frugal restaurants


Lingxia township in Pingnan county, Fujian province, constructed a 'frugal restaurant' a few years ago to cut official reception costs.

Fujian to accelerate cross-Straits transport


The Fujian provincial government has issued an outline to promote the development of passenger and freight transport between Fujian province and Taiwan.

Wei Kesheng, a free village barber for 20 years


For the past 20 years, 60-year-old Wei Kesheng has given local residents in Jixia village of Fujian province a free haircut.

Fujian pushes agriculture, green economy


Fujian will now gauge local governments' overall performances by their development of agriculture and ecological protection rather than GDP growth.

Pingnan launches a one-card service for rural residents


The rural credit cooperatives in Pingnan county, Fujian province, have adopted a one-card service system, enabling rural residents to enjoy all the financial services with one social security card.

Baiyu village, a new resort in Pingnan


Baiyu village, once the poorest sector of Pingnan county, Fujian province, is taking on a new look with beautiful scenery and modern houses.

Pingnan farmers increase edible fungi output with perfusion technology


The Lvning Edible Fungi Cooperative in Luxia village, Pingnan county, Fujian province, is trying an ecological way to increase the output of edible fungi.

Pingnan sets up 3 more village news stations


Min Dong Daily, sponsored by the Ningde municipal publicity department, Fujian province, has set up three more news stations in villages in Pingnan county.