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Ningde Global GeoPark

Ningde Global GeoPark is located in Ningde in the northeast of Fujian province in China’s Taimu and Jiufeng mountain ranges.

Tianxingshan National Forest Park

Tianxingshan National Forest Park is located in Pingnan County, Fujian Province.

Introduction to Baishuiyang Scenic Area

Baishuiyang has the most distinctive natural landscapes among the five major scenic areas of the Yuanyang Creek.

Yuanyang Creek Scenic Spot in Pingnan County

Located in the northeast of Pingnan County, Fujian Province, Yuanyang (literally “Mandarin Duck”) Creek lies on the border of Pingnan, Zhouning and Zhenghe counties.

Yantan Pool

The pool is tranquil and the water is emerald. It is also a good natural swimming pool, but as there are whirlpools, swimmers are advised to take care.


As the depth of the riverbed is uneven, the sunlight refracting on it makes it look like a multi-edge crystal.

Yanhou Village

Yanhou Village used to be a revolutionary base. Ye Fei, a predecessor of the proletarian revolution, once fought here as a guerrilla.

Shamao Rock

From its top, it looks like a black gauze cap worn by the officials of the Ming Dynasty, so people call it “Shamao (literally “Gauze Cap”) Rock”.

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