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Jiuxianshan Scenic Spot

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Updated: 2011-04-13

Jiuxianshan Mountain

The mountain is located 60 kilometers west of the county seat, adjacent to the border of Xianshan Ranch and Jian’ou county. The main peak of Jiufeng mountain, with a highest elevation of 1,538 meters, is at the center of a scenic area nearly 20 square kilometers in size.

Thousands of Huangshan pines grow on the spectacular mountain, including the Screw Pine and Lotus Pine, and also the wild Red Chinese Yew. According to the 1979 Edition of Ci Hai, Jiufeng Mountain, located in the north of Fujian province, having a northeast-southwest trend, id the main peak of Jiuxian Mountain in the west of Pingnan County, “picturesque, a famous mountain in north Fujian”.

Jiuxian Temple (Nine Immortals Temple)

The temple is where local ranchers fetch water. The old temple is located at the base of Jiufeng Mountain. It’s unknown when it was built of stone pillars, stone bars, stone beams and pond.

In 1989, Lingtou villagers donated enough funds to build a new temple covering a construction area of more than 900 square meters, and complete with statues of Jiuxian Wangshui and Baxian (Eight Immortals).

Jiu Feng (Vulture Peak)

Jiu Feng is the peak of Fujian Jiufeng Mountain. The highest elevation is 1,538 meters. It is a bald rock standing on the top of the mountain, like a vulture heading toward the sky.

Xiongyouchengzhu (Bamboos in the Yew)

Xiongyouchengzhu is located near Lingtou village in Luxia town. Nine bamboos grow out of a hole in the Red Chinese Yew with a diameter of 1.2 meters about 3 meters off the ground.

The hole is filled to capacity as if bamboos grow in the yew. Erect yew more than 400 years old have been photographed and published in Chinese books and magazines.