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Fujian offers $12m in subsidies for industrial growth

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-05-21

The Fujian Development and Reform Commission announced on Tuesday that it will earmark 75 million yuan ($12 million) to support 130 industrial projects across the province.

The fund will be used to adopt scientific results on 130 new industrial projects in machinery equipment, electronic information, biological medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The scientific achievements were showcased last year at the 6th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair, which is held on June 18 every year.

Fifty-seven of the industrial projects will be in 23 poor counties, with an accrued subsidy of 22.25 million yuan, which is a 20 percent growth year-on-year.

Among the 130 industrial projects, 21 will be in Fuzhou, 12 in Xiamen, 14 in Zhangzhou, 11 in Quanzhou, 19 in Sanming and eight in Putian. Longyan, Nanping and Ningde get 15 apiece.