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  • White cranes in Sikou township of Wuyuan county

    2012-11-22 15:09

    White cranes in a river in Sikou township of Wuyuan county, East China's Jiangxi province, Nov 19, 2012.

  • HK Ocean Park awarded as world best theme park

    2012-11-22 14:35

    The Hong Kong Ocean Park was awarded as the world best theme park recently.

  • Xi'an Shopping

    2012-11-22 14:19

    As one of the most significant cities in northwestern China, Xi’an develops dramatically in recent years.

  • Shanxi drawing up Great Wall protection plan

    2012-11-22 13:29

     North China's Shanxi Province is drawing up a plan to protect ancient Great Wall structures that have suffered serious damage from natural and human causes, a local official said on Monday.

  • Mexico hosts Festival of China

    2012-11-22 13:26

    China and Mexico were trusted friends and partners of mutual benefit, a senior Chinese political adviser said Friday during the opening ceremony of the Festival of China in Mexico.

  • Repaired Great Wall section reopens to tourists

    2012-11-22 13:25

    A section of the Great Wall in north China's Hebei Province, which was flattened by torrential rain in summer, has reopened to tourists after repair.Severe summer rainstorms threatened a number of cultural relics in north China, according to a statement issued by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in August.

  • Hong Kong raises Outbound Travel Alert for Israel

    2012-11-22 13:24

    Those already there should exercise caution, attend to personal safety, avoid protests and large gatherings of people, and monitor local announcements on the latest situation.

  • Let time go by in romantic Wuerzburg

    2012-11-22 11:07

    A trip to a foreign country is often full of drama and uncertainty. But my visit to southern Germany is different. Germany by the glass

  • Germany by the glass

    2012-11-22 10:13

    Bavaria's wine country is one of the nation's best-kept secrets, well worth a journey of discovery.

  • Red leaves in Jinan, E China

    2012-11-22 09:09

    Citizens walk among trees with red leaves in Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province, Nov 20, 2012.

  • Qionghai wetland park in Sichuan

    2012-11-22 09:07

    People visit the wetland park at the Qionghai Lake in Xichang city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Nov 20, 2012.

  • Taipei 101 is many things in many moments

    2012-11-21 16:44

    Taipei 101, an ambassador for the city and the country, would feature on airport billboards, be discussed proudly in documentaries, and pop up in barroom conversation.