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  • Reliving Du Fu

    2012-10-18 13:15

    Chen Mo, a 73-year-old resident of Chengdu, Sichuan province, had a pleasant surprise during a recent night visit to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in the city's western suburbs.

  • Focus on mountain

    2012-10-18 13:13

    China Central Television and Anhui Satellite TV is filming a six-episode documentary about Yellow Mountain, one of the country's most beloved tourist destinations.

  • 'Pandas' hot to globe-trot

    2012-10-18 10:45

    Two dozen eager semifinalists from North America gathered in Washington on Tuesday to compete for positions as panda ambassadors, also known as Pambassadors.

  • Sermons on the mount

    2012-10-18 10:42

    Tianzhu Mountain's majesty enticed men of letters to leave their calligraphic legacies on its face.

  • Climate change comes before honeymoon

    2012-10-18 10:14

    Although many people long to see the beauty of the aurora and polar bears, few have the chance or guts to go to the end of the earth to get firsthand experience.

  • Eye in the sky

    2012-10-18 10:12

    Aerial photographer Wang Chen presents a panoramic view of the need for environmental protection. If he isn't working in his office, he's in the sky, camera in hand.

  • Maples on Guanmen Mountain in Benxi, NE China

    2012-10-17 08:45

    Photo taken on Oct 14, 2012 shows the maples on Guanmen Mountain in Benxi, northeast China's Liaoning province.

  • Breaks for autumn: readers' picks

    2012-10-16 18:03

    Did you go into the woods where colorful layers of leaves dazzled you in the morning fog? Or did you find a nouveau exhibition that is best displayed in the city at this time of the year? Any travel tips or pictures are welcomed.

  • Colorful autumn view of Saihanba prairie

    2012-10-15 17:20

    Picturesque and colorful autumn view of Saihanba National Forest Park in Hebei Province.

  • Autumn season in Belarus

    2012-10-15 16:23

    Autumn season in Belarus

  • Rocky Mountains after first snow

    2012-10-15 15:46

    The photos show the Rocky Mountains along with the subalpine and alpine worlds, after first snow in 2012 in the area.

  • Autumn scenery of Xar Moron River in N China

    2012-10-15 15:05

    Photo taken on Oct 10, 2012 shows a mountain scenery in Hexigten Banner, Chifeng, north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.