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  • Weekend bazaar

    2012-09-24 10:17

    One weekend per month, families can stroll through an activity-packed bazaar while taking in fresh sea air and views.

  • Museum idea

    2012-09-24 09:56

    Feng Mengbo has won recognition for his computerized art work with metaphorical reference to contemporary problems such as consumerism and collectivism.

  • Dogs' life

    2012-09-24 09:54

    Famous avant-garde director Meng Jinghui will present his classical work Two Dogs in the capital again.

  • Hutong scenes

    2012-09-24 09:54

    Those who are interested in ancient architecture must visit The Capital Museum, to see an exhibition on hutong and Beijing's courtyard homes, or siheyuan.

  • Classic ballet

    2012-09-24 09:33

    The Russian State Ballet is on its China tour again and will bring its classical ballet Swan Lake to audiences in Beijing.

  • Museums, cafes, bikes

    2012-09-24 09:29

    Amsterdam is one of the few places in the world where you don't get tired after walking a whole day because there is just so much to see and do.

  • Tianjin boutique hotel rich with history and fine detail

    2012-09-24 09:15

    The Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe opened on Sept 15 in the renovated former German consulate in the heart of the concession, combining vintage elegance and modern facilities.

  • Travel Notes from Cologne, Germany

    2012-09-21 17:06

    I arrived in Cologne at 18 o'clock or so, local time, claiming my baggage and passing the security checks. I got onto the shuttle heading to the place where I was supposed to meet my host family.

  • Holiday prompts traffic boom

    2012-09-21 14:40

    China's traffic authority said on Thursday more vehicles than usual are expected to be on the highways over the extended break because of the country's toll-free holiday policy.

  • Top 10 folk houses in China

    2012-09-21 10:39

    A rich history filled with social treasures created the perfect environment for a variety of unique Chinese folk houses.

  • Gray Line New York eyes Chinese market

    2012-09-21 10:25

    M. Elaine Kellogg, Executive Director Business Development, receives China Daily Website interview and share with us about Gray Line New York’s latest programs and new products

  • Embracing diversity

    2012-09-21 10:24

    The annual Chinese folk music festival presented by Guangdong National Orchestra will embrace its 11th anniversary on Sept 21.