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  • Mongolia without a yurt

    2012-11-12 10:42

    The planet's most sparsely populated country is a land of contrasts, offering untold mineral wealth, smart new hotels and warm hospitality, but lacking the elegance of some other Asian countries.

  • Singles' Day promotions draw in shoppers

    2012-11-12 10:33

    Nicholas Qiu, a salesman in Qingdao, Shandong province, does not usually count himself as a diehard online shopper, but he was on Sunday.

  • Happy villages

    2012-11-12 10:22

    Hainan's provincial capital has transformed itself in the past two decades and the villages of Meishe and Xinghui are shining examples of this change.

  • Idyllic lives exposed

    2012-11-12 09:40

    The beautiful, diverse landscapes and the hospitality of the locals are just some of the reasons why the 59-year-old Kirmo Wilen, keeps going back to Hainan.

  • Departure gate

    2012-11-11 11:26

    Your passport to the latest destinations and airline promotions.

  • Airline news and deals

    2012-11-11 11:21

    The company will offer a bonus round-trip ticket from Beijing to Amsterdam for as little as low as 990 yuan ($159).

  • Mongolia without a yurt

    2012-11-11 11:12

    The planet's most sparsely populated country is a land of contrasts, reports Lee Hannon.

  • Famous scenic areas in Bengbu

    2012-11-09 15:36

    Famous scenic areas in Bengbu

  • Migratory swans spend winter in Pinglu, N China

    2012-11-09 15:32

    Swans frolic on a lake at Yellow River Wetland in Pinglu county, north China's Shanxi province, Nov 8, 2012.

  • Breathtaking night scene of China

    2012-11-09 14:47

    Breathtaking night scene of China

  • Tea ceremony added to flight training

    2012-11-09 10:48

    Student flight attendants receive professional training in a simulation cabin in Wuhan, Hubeiprovince, on Oct 9, 2012.

  • Taiwan issues guidelines for mainland tourist shoppers

    2012-11-09 10:04

    Local authorities in Taiwan issued guidelines on Thursday to improve the shopping environment for mainland tourists traveling to the island.