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  • Revolutionary eye

    2012-09-03 16:29

    Many may know Che Guevara as an Argentine revolutionist due to his famous portrait photo symbolizing rebellion, but few know that he was also a photographer and artist.

  • This time, flowers rule the fair

    2012-09-03 15:51

    The Fall Flower Fair will be held in Shanghai from September to October with a theme of "Experience the Natural Beauty".

  • An island's uncertain future

    2012-09-03 10:54

    Lanai should be the very picture of tropical tranquillity. Just 3,135 people live on its 365 square kilometers.

  • A walk in the park

    2012-09-03 10:43

    In Beijing, the parks are always abuzz with activities at any time of the day, in all seasons - well, almost.

  • The world's most beautiful sunsets

    2012-09-02 16:49

    The world's most beautiful sunsets

  • Bespoke, be stylish

    2012-09-02 11:35

    Hotel profile | Shanghai

  • Thinking tours

    2012-09-02 09:53

    For many Chinese, famous universities across China are not only top seats of learning but also veritable tourist destinations. Campus visits have become an in thing in the last few years.

  • A feast for the eyes

    2012-08-31 09:41

    The 6th Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair will take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from Sept 6-9.

  • Overcoming the odds

    2012-08-30 10:12

    Liu Sen has long struggled with adversity. The 14-year-old grew up in impoverished conditions and has lived with his grandmother, Li Genzhen, 83, ever since his parents died of AIDS when he was very young.

  • Back to nature

    2012-08-30 10:08

    Hainan's Yinggeling Natural Reserve is benefiting from a scientific research and management base built in the biologically diverse tropical forest.

  • Getting there

    2012-08-30 09:57

    Malaysian Airlines provides direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong's provincial capital Guangzhou and Yunnan's provincial capital Kunming, to Kuala Lumpur.

  • A big Chinatown

    2012-08-30 09:43

    The first thing that comes to my mind about Ipoh, Malaysia is that it is the hometown of Michelle Yeoh. Little did I know that it is also home to a huge Chinese diaspora.