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  • Incarnation of flowers

    2012-09-17 15:10

    Photographer Wang Xiaohui is presenting her photos, installations, video and sculpture works in an exhibition titled Incarnation of Flowers.

  • Italian masterpieces

    2012-09-17 15:03

    James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is presenting the first solo exhibition on the Chinese mainland of acclaimed artist Francesco Clemente.

  • Sporting sway

    2012-09-17 15:02

    National Dance Company of Wales is touring China with its modern dance Dream. Renowned choreographer Christopher Bruce created the show as a tribute to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

  • Teng's sweet songs

    2012-09-17 14:54

    Deng Yazhi, Hou Xiaoyuan, Xu Jingping and He Dan are four young singers who are adept at imitating late Taiwan pop singer Teresa Teng. They will sing more than 30 songs of the pop diva.

  • Kunqu Opera

    2012-09-17 14:37

    Diehard fans of Kunqu Opera in Beijing will be delighted to watch A Date of Orchid and Pearl.

  • Past and present

    2012-09-17 14:36

    Taiwan playwright and theater director Stan Lai is bringing his classic work The Village to Beijing again.

  • Founding summit of World Tourism Cities Federation

    2012-09-17 13:26

    Ding Xiangyang, deputy-mayor of Beijing, told his counterparts that a tourism city can't be truly top class until it has its signature brand. Beijing is developing its own.

  • Yalong Bay luxury hotels take eco-responsibilities

    2012-09-14 17:28

    Sheraton Sanya Resort joined hands with several major luxury hotels in the Big Cleaning Day at the Yalong Bay Beach.

  • Ye' Shanghai

    2012-09-14 16:25

    On Sept 21st , the days of Old Shanghai will be reawakened by Suzie Wong's fabulous yearly event "Ye' Shanghai".

  • Birth of Moon Festival

    2012-09-14 14:08

    Lu Lu, the artistic director of Helin Society, will talk about the origin and traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Performances galore

    2012-09-14 13:35

    As part of the Lifeweek and UCCA Cultural Festival, 25 discussions, three film screenings, six crossover performances, and more than 10 hours of outdoor concerts will be held.

  • Luxury carnival

    2012-09-14 13:31

    The Jinbao Street Carnival will kick off on Sept 16 with style. Tang Polo Club will demonstrate polo skills, bringing along 15 purebred horses.