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Leonardo DiCaprio named UN Messenger of Peace

[2014-09-21 11:19]

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends a ceremony for his designation as UN Messenger of Peace at the UN headquarters in New York, on Sept 20, 2014.

Taiwan braces for tropical storm Fung-Wong

[2014-09-21 10:29]

Taiwan's meteorology authority urges almost all regions to be on high alert for tropical storm Fung-Wong, which is likely to bring gale and heavy rainfalls.

Man arrested for charging White House had knife

[2014-09-21 10:18]

Omar Gonzalez, the man arrested after climbing the fence at the White House and making his way into the executive mansion, was armed with a knife.

Post-80s main force in China's outbound tourism

[2014-09-21 10:12]

China's post-80s generation plays a leading role in outbound tourism, accounting for 56.2 per cent, followed by the post-70s and the post-90s, according to a new report

Storm leaves 7 dead, 200,000 displaced in Philippines

[2014-09-21 09:56]

Storm Fung-Wong churned towards Taiwan after killing at least seven people in the Philippines, and forcing some 200,000 people into temporary shelter, including in the capital Manila, to escape massive flooding.

Folk activity 'walking on fire' staged in E China

[2014-09-21 09:13]

The performance "walking on fire" was given in Pan'an county, East China's Zhejiang province on Sept 17, 2014. Twenty strong men walk through the fiery altar, measuring 10 meters in diameter.

China needs 98,000 new pilots in next 20 years

[2014-09-21 08:55]

For the whole Asia-Pacific region, including China, the demand for pilots from now until 2033 is set to increase to 216,000 as the region continues to witness tremendous economic growth.

Cold front hits Xinjiang, NW China

[2014-09-21 08:35]

A cold front hit Hejing county of Mongolian autonomous prefecture of Bayingolin, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Saturday, bringing snow and plunging the temperature.

Li Na holds press conference to announce retirement

[2014-09-21 08:23]

The two-time Grand Slam champion from China who took tennis in Asia to a new level officially announces her retirement at a press conference in Beijing.

US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft

[2014-09-21 08:05]

Two F-22 fighter jets intercepted six Russian military airplanes that neared the western coast of Alaska. Russian planes returned to their base after the US jets were scrambled.

88 nailed in China's int'l manhunt for fugitives

[2014-09-21 07:18]

Chinese police have caught 88 suspects in an international manhunt that targets those who have fled the country after allegedly committing economic crimes and taking bribes.

This year 'last chance' to conclude TPP negotiations

[2014-09-20 21:45]

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says this year would be the last chance for the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations to be concluded.

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