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Jinci, a temple for 3,000 years

[2015-05-30 07:44]

If you have only one day to tour in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, most locals will recommend that you visit Jinci, a temple with 3,000 years' history.

China's freight growth continues to slow

[2015-05-30 11:26]

Freight on rail, road and waterways across China rose three percent year on year to 3.77 billion tons in April, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) said Friday.

BYD partners with Uber to make headway in US auto market

[2015-05-30 11:26]

Uber lets drivers use their personal cars to drive around customers, but they've also partnered with GreenWheels, a Chicago-based eco-friendly automotive company to lend the BYD Auto e6 to drivers to use as a taxi.

In search of dream island

[2015-05-30 07:44]

Dongshan in Fujian province offers rich coastal cultural heritage.

Morgan Stanley CEO upbeat on Chinese economy

[2015-05-30 11:01]

Despite lackluster economic indicators, the head of Morgan Stanley upheld his optimistic outlook on the Chinese economy.

Irresponsible bird photographers pose a threat to nature

[2015-05-30 07:43]

We Chinese seem to have the tendency to enjoy anything foreign with Chinese characteristics. As a birdwatcher, I have witnessed how we have turned a Western hobby into a Chinese-style obsession in the past 11 years.

Amateurs court controversy

[2015-05-30 07:43]

Who needs lawyers? In China, passers-by are happy to help solve disputes

Virtual music maestro

[2015-05-30 07:42]

At the age of 27, Zhao Yutian achieved his childhood dream - to play the piano. He could not read the score, but with the help of his iPad and the lights on his keyboard, his fingers danced to Chopin's Nocturne.

Trade ties with South Australia to increase

[2015-05-30 10:05]

More premium products and services are expected to flow into the Chinese market, following the signing of several trade agreements between South Australia and Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong province.

Global ambitions leave country short of accounting talent

[2015-05-30 10:01]

China is experiencing a shortage of accountants, as more young professionals are sent by employers to work abroad, according to a new report.

Renewables lead peers in sustained employment generation

[2015-05-30 10:00]

When it comes to renewable energy, China leads the world in terms of employment with more than 3.4 million jobs out of a global total of 7.7 million, according to a report by the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency.

'Time to face problems' as economy slows

[2015-05-30 09:54]

People's Daily newspaper has interviewed an "authoritative insider" who anonymously addressed pressing issues affecting the Chinese economy, while expressing confidence in growth prospects.

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