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Chinese inventor gives life to wood

[2014-08-21 17:05]

Li Jingyang, a resident of rural Yongji county in Northeast China's Jilin province, stands beside an electricity powered wooden horse he designed after six years of work on Aug 20, 2014.

China imposes anti-dumping duties on India TBHQ imports

[2014-08-21 17:05]

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has imposed an anti-dumping duty of 49.8% on Indian companies after they were found to have dumped Tertiary Butylhydroquinone products in the Chinese market.

Building an individual focused messenger

[2014-08-21 17:02]

Chinese tech company Ultrapower believes the future of messaging lies with individualized social experiences.

Four officials investigated for graft

[2014-08-21 16:53]

Four former Chinese officials are under investigation for abuse of power and bribery allegations, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) said Thursday.

Emergency rescue in flood stricken E China

[2014-08-21 16:52]

Hundreds of travelers are evacuated from the flood-engulfed Lishui railway station in East China's Zhejiang province, on Aug 20, 2014. The local maritime department utilized rescue boats to transport victims after the station became isolated by storm-triggered floodwater. Days of torrential rain have left the city and neighboring towns and villages under meters of water.

China Eastern Airlines adds more flights to Australia

[2014-08-21 16:36]

China Eastern Airlines will increase the flight frequency between China and Australia from late November during the peak travel season.

Biggest PE fund set up in Guiyang

[2014-08-21 16:15]

Private equity investment fund has been recently established in Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, with the overall scale of 1 billion yuan.

Animation comes alive in Dongguan

[2014-08-21 16:10]

International fair on copyright protection of animation content and trade opened in Dongguan, a manufacturing and trade hub in the Pearl River Delta, on Thursday.

100 couples join group wedding in Xinjiang

[2014-08-21 15:58]

One hundred couples take part in a group wedding held in Turpan city, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Aug 20, 2014, a highlight of the Xinjiang Turpan Grape Festival.

Publication of bidding results

[2014-08-21 15:44]

LOAN NO: 2606-PRC, PROJECT TITLE: Shanxi Small Cities and Towns Development Demonstration Sector Project, BID NO: 0773-1420SXHW4016

Lifan to invest $150m in Russian factory

[2014-08-21 15:43]

Lifan Industry (Group) Co Ltd plans to invest $150 million in an automobile production factory in Russia's Kaluga province through Lifan International (Trading) Pte Ltd.

Trending: Doctor saves patient under attack

[2014-08-21 15:38]

Expectant mom delivers baby after being thrown off coach; doctor rewarded for saving patient under attack and bad-breath hampers suspect's arrest.

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