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Hong Kong seeks joint customs checkpoint with mainland on express rail to Guangzhou

[2017-11-20 07:08]

Hong Kong is launching a joint checkpoint arrangement for the express rail link connecting it with Guangzhou with the signing of a deal between the special administrative region and Guangdong province.

Quake doesn't halt New Year festivities

[2017-11-20 07:08]

Residents of Nyingchi, in the Tibet autonomous region, celebrated Gompo New Year with festival activities on Sunday despite having been hit by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake the day before.

Future stars' final shot for entrance exam in Anhui

[2017-11-20 08:18]

College entrance exam of art majors in Anqui province started on Saturday and lasted for the whole weekend.

Unique quarry hotel starts to take shape in Shanghai

[2017-11-20 07:11]

It has taken over a decade of painstaking work, but the structure of the world's first quarry hotel is now complete, with the property set to open in Shanghai next year, the owner has announced.

Govts wrong to reveal residents' personal info on their websites

[2017-11-20 07:59]

Such personal information, including that of people receiving financial aid, has been disclosed online without their consent.

Laudable plan to meet pension obligations

[2017-11-20 07:59]

China will transfer some State assets, including shares of State-owned companies and financial institutions, to the country's social security fund.

Handsome rewards can prompt people to report pollution

[2017-11-20 07:59]

The 300,000 yuan bonus came as a surprise to the man, who had already received 3 million yuan in compensation from the Jingjiang government as compensation.

19th Party Congress a vision for the future

[2017-11-20 07:21]

At the recent "International Think-Tank Symposium, the 19th CPC National Congress: Implications for China and the World", some foreign scholars presented their views on the impact of the 19th Party Congress.

Systemic change to boost anti-graft fight

[2017-11-20 07:21]

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China approved some amendments to the Party Constitution, including the Party disciplinary inspection system. Du Zhizhou, deputy director of the Clean Governance Research Center at Beihang University, explains to China Daily's Zhang Zhouxiang the importance of those amendments for society.

Co-location arrangement consolidates HK's status

[2017-11-20 07:49]

Without boundary control at the West Kowloon terminus, the direct economic benefits, estimated by some experts to reach HK$260 billion, would be greatly discounted.

Spending less time on internet could reduce depression

[2017-11-20 07:31]

Limiting screen time to one or two hours a day, as the university's professor of psychology Jean Twenge said, would statistically fall into the safe zone for device usage.

房地产违规跨省检查(fángdìchǎn wéiguī kuàshěng jiǎnchá): Cross-provincial inspection of real estate violations

[2017-11-20 08:01]

The housing price inspections aim to guarantee that housing prices reflect the real market situation, which is of great significance to the decision-making for housing market policies.

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