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Boy, 3, found alive 63 hours after getting lost on mountain

[2016-09-26 14:06]

A three-year-old boy in East China's Fujian province missing for 63 hours was finally found by locals on a mountain five kilometers from his home.

China's cultural events stage in Thailand to promote friendship

[2016-09-26 13:52]

A series of China-themed cultural events have kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand Friday, bringing locals a rare chance to experience China at their home.

China's coal industry still plagued by overcapacity despite price rebound

[2016-09-26 14:01]

The supply-demand mismatch in China's coal industry has not seen a substantial change despite prices rebounding this year, an industry association said.

46th Africa Concours d'Elegence shows vintage cars in Nairobi

[2016-09-26 14:00]

The 46th Africa Concours d'Elegence was held in Kenya's capital city Nairobi on Sunday.

Frontier technologies, the next big leap forward

[2016-09-26 13:47]

Frontier technologies was the hottest buzzword as China's top angel investors and venture capitalists gathered at the 2016 Demo China Autumn Summit in Hangzhou last week.

Belt and Road Initiative has 'surpassed expectations'

[2016-09-26 13:46]

The development of the Belt and Road Initiative has exceeded expectations and China is determined to strengthen the initiative, China's top publicity official said on Monday.

Hangzhou opens G20 summit arena to general public

[2016-09-26 13:48]

When a big summit takes place, ordinary folks usually do not get a ringside view of the venue. But Hangzhou has decided to change all that.

Russia may extend food embargo against Western countries for another 5 years

[2016-09-26 13:39]

Russia may extend its food embargo against Western countries for another five years, Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said here Sunday.

CPC publicity chief stresses more exchanges in building Belt and Road

[2016-09-26 13:39]

The publicity chief of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday called for enhanced exchanges in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, at a seminar in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Classic autos debut at Beijing Design Week

[2016-09-26 13:30]

One hundred world-class classic autos will be unveiled in an exhibition on Monday at Beijing Design Week.

Nanjing further tightens control on property market

[2016-09-26 13:29]

Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province, adopted new rules restricting home purchases in a bid to cool the red-hot housing market on Sunday, according to a report by Shanghai Securities Daily.

China to build first homemade luxury cruise in Shanghai

[2016-09-26 13:19]

The first batch of homemade luxury cruise vessels will be built at the shipyard of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and the first delivery is expected in 2022, the China News Service reports.

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