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Second group of PLA offices probed

[2015-03-03 07:41]

China's anti-corruption campaign took another step forward in the People's Liberation Army on Monday, as a second group of 14 formerly high and well-connected officers were placed under investigation, according to an announcement by the military.

Marks & Spencer to focus on Beijing, Shanghai

[2015-03-03 07:40]

British retailer Marks & Spencer plans to open new stores in Beijing and Guangzhou beginning from 2015 and 2016, with a focus on developing in first-tier cities.

Supreme procuratorate handles 101 proposals from Congress, advisory body

[2015-03-03 07:30]

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) last year handled 101 proposals and suggestions from the country's top legislative and political advisory bodies.

Tough new law hits 350 polluters

[2015-03-03 07:38]

The revised environmental protection law showed its teeth in its first two months, with more than 350 polluters receiving severe punishments.

Han-style Chinese beauties at Cambridge

[2015-03-03 07:00]

A group of photos featuring Chinese beauties in Han-style costumes taken on the Cambridge campus goes viral on the Internet.

US businesses to lower 2015 reinvestments in China

[2015-03-03 07:27]

A survey found that reinvestment budgets for the coming three years dropped by 16.9%, indicating "increased uncertainty in the medium term".

Tech: Alibaba faces Taiwan fine over registration data

[2015-03-03 07:19]

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd faces a $3,820 fine and other possible penalties related to its affiliate in Taiwan, where local authorities are probing the mainland company's investment.

Watch this: Huawei takes on Apple in wearables sector

[2015-03-03 07:12]

Huawei's first smartwatch, which was introduced a week ahead of the Apple Watch, will be the strongest suit for the Chinese company as it battles with Apple in the wearable market.

Easy Talk: Post holiday syndrome

[2015-03-03 07:00]

Now we are at the immediate aftermath of the joyful Spring Festival vocation.

China's interest rate adjustments beteen 2008 and 2015

[2015-03-03 06:59]

Here are the past interest rate adjustments over the years between 2008 and 2015.

Owners and pets enjoy reunions

[2015-03-03 06:50]

While providing company for people choosing to leave their native homes to live and work in big cities, many pets are left behind at pet clinics while their owners return home over Chinese New Year for family reunions.

Rare pieces stolen from Chinese museum in France

[2015-03-03 04:38]

About 15 rare pieces of art have been stolen from the Chinese Museum of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, southeast of Paris.

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