Johnnie To's Three to be screened on June 24

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Johnnie To's <EM>Three</EM> to be screened on June 24

Poster of Three. [Photo/Mtime]

Eclectic Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To has recently come to Beijing promoting his new crime film Three.

Three tells a story starting from a police showdown, during which a thug shoots himself to force the cops to cease fire and take him to the hospital.

Johnnie To explains how he created the scenario.

"The whole story took place in a hospital. I have once hoped to shoot a movie without any outdoor scenes. So this film is shot all in studio. The starring role, played by Wallace Chung, is bed-ridden in the hospital."

In the hospital, Wallace Chung refuses immediate treatment in order to buy time for his underlings to rescue him. The detective in charge sees through his scheme but decides to play along in order to capture his whole gang once and for all.

The film, produced by To's production banner Milkyway Image, also stars iconic Chinese actress Zhao Wei and Hong Kong actor Louis Koo.

Three will hit theaters nationside on June 24.


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